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I have my doubts that are more because of - if they are more aggressive (is ther…
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23 days ago by Arnte
The Art of Constructive Confrontation: How to Achieve More Accountability with Less Conflict
The term confrontation is considered by some to be synonymous with conflict. Other pejorative terms associated with confrontation include battle, contest, crisis, dispute, showdown, or strife. It's true that opposing ideas or beliefs, when trying to occupy the same space in the universe, can (and probably will) lead to a conflictual confrontation inspiring diversity advocates to plaintively plead, "Can't we all just get along?"
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october 2018 by LizFlyntz
What's worse, aggressive spouse or ? Can't help u with ur spouse, but with ur dog:…
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january 2018 by stevechic
Google's AI Becomes Aggressive when in Competition
Google’s DeepMind AI shows that the aggression is linked to the AI’s complexity Google’s machine learning system DeepMind has learned to resort to ‘highly aggressive’ behavior when faced with competitive situations. DeepMind is the machine that previously became the first AI to beat a human player at the board game Go. Researchers have now used DeepMind to test various...

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Google’s  AI  Becomes  Aggressive  when  in  Competition 
february 2017 by vrzone

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