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Wiggle Hunt
Search new and used modular gear from synthesizer shops around the world. Love the stripped down minimal design of this site.
store  synth  audio  design  minimal  inspiration  aggregation 
9 days ago by eugenexxv
RSS is undead | Hacker News
Discusses the second coming of RSS (or open feeds generally).
rss  aggregation  diy 
17 days ago by mjlassila
This Professor Has Documented 2,000 Soda Machines in Video Games - Waypoint
In 2016, Marshall University professor Jason Morrissette was playing Batman: Arkham Knight. While sneaking around the shadows, Morrissette stumbled upon a soda machine. Like many games, Akrham Knight doesn’t feature any real-life soda products; that’d cost money.
aggregation  archive  design  games  play  pop  culture  research  videogames  weird  stream 
6 weeks ago by therourke
Creating Passionate Users: The myth of "keeping up"
Good advice about how to guard your attention and keeping your reading and research backlog tractable.

Do you have a stack of books, journals, manuals, articles, API docs, and blog printouts that you think you'll get to? That you think you need to read? Now, based on past experience, what are the odds you'll get to all of it? Half of it? Any of it?

I try to make this point to people trying to teach things to newbies today. You can’t fit it all in your head anymore. You could when *you* were learning it, but not now.

I remember when Java 1.02 came out (the first public release), and it had 200 classes. You could fit the entire class library in the same space as Miss January (magazine centerfold). But then 1.1 came out and the API more than doubled, to 500 classes. It no longer fit on a centerfold, but you could get it on a wall poster. With 200 classes, you really could master the entire API. With 500, it took some effort, but you could at least be familiar with just about everything, given enough time. But then... by Java 1.4, the library had swelled to 2300 classes. And today? It's something like 3500 classes just in the Standard Edition (not including the mobile and enterprise extensions). You could wallpaper an entire room with the class library.
productivity  information  learning  programming  reading  aggregation  career  attention 
8 weeks ago by jefframnani
Aggregation | Django documentation | Django
>>> Book.objects.all().aggregate(Max('price'))
django  orm  aggregation 
10 weeks ago by FlowFX
Social Media Aggregator & Social Wall Builder | Flockler
Combine all your content, including what your fans say about you, into one social hub.
content  social  media  aggregation  manage  hub  marketing_toolbox 
january 2018 by kpieper876
Australia's open data approach lands in a security and privacy minefield - TechRepublic
Learning about data security and privacy the hard way is a bad idea. Unfortunately, Australians are being schooled on a national scale, especially the 10 percent of Australians that have been involuntarily included in the Australian government's release of "anonymous" Medicare data.
opendata  open  data  medical  personal  private  anonymisation  privacy  aggregation  society  security 
december 2017 by juliantait
Learning with Privacy at Scale
How Apple uses local differential privacy (adding noise as needed) to enable privacy and also get useful aggregate data.
privacy  aggregation  datamining 
december 2017 by drmeme

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