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The Non-Existence of Representative Agents by Matthew O. Jackson, Leeat Yariv :: SSRN
"We characterize environments in which there exists a representative agent: an agent who inherits the structure of preferences of the population that she represents. The existence of such a representative agent imposes strong restrictions on individual utility functions -- requiring them to be linear in the allocation and additively separable in any parameter that characterizes agents' preferences (e.g., a risk aversion parameter, a discount factor, etc.). Commonly used classes of utility functions (exponentially discounted utility functions, CRRA or CARA utility functions, logarithmic functions, etc.) do not admit a representative agent."
in_NB  economics  macroeconomics  macro_from_micro  aggregation  jackson.matthew_o.  re:your_favorite_dsge_sucks  have_read 
2 days ago by cshalizi
Contrast | Launch Center Pro
Won’t be as valuable with iOS 12’s Siri Shortcuts yet it is still at full price.
paid  price:$5  automation  aggregation  my_porn  iOS 
8 days ago by skinnymuch
Track The News
Meet the open-source Twitter bot to help you surface stories on anything
OSINT  Research  aggregation  python 
18 days ago by aiefel
Real-Time Analytics and Data Exploration | New Relic Insights
Seems to be the only other product from New Relic I'd probably use. Maybe their server thing too.
new_relic  data_driven  data_analytics  dev  aggregation 
22 days ago by skinnymuch
telemetry aggregation and shipping, last up the ladder
Cernan is a telemetry and logging aggregation server. It exposes multiple interfaces for ingestion and can emit to multiple aggregation sources while doing in-flight manipulation of data. Cernan has minimal CPU and memory requirements and is intended to service bursty telemetry without load shedding. Cernan aims to be reliable and convenient to use, both for application engineers and operations staff.

Why you might choose to use cernan:

You need to ingest telemetry from multiple protocols.
You need to multiplex telemetry over aggregation services.
You want to convert log lines into telemetry.
You want to convert telemetry into log lines.
You want to transform telemetry or log lines in-flight.
rustlang  metrics  telemetry  aggregation 
4 weeks ago by bfritz
How the Personalisation of News Will Save Journalism (if it doesn't kill it first) — NevaLabs
Our objective at NevaLabs is to build solutions for journalists and publishers willing to invest in their relationship with the empowered individual. As we set out to create a new model of purposeful personalisation, we’re keeping a set of broad principles firmly fixed in our minds:
aggregation  bm  adblocking  itunesfornews 
7 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Former Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile wants to save the media industry by blocking ads - Recode
Past attempts to offer ad-blocking experiences — the ones that publishers have signed on for, anyway — have all failed, Haile said, because they added “friction” for the consumer, rather than taking it away.

“Many of the corpses in the graveyard I have to wade through on a daily basis, that have attempted this thing, have come at this by saying, ‘I’m going to create this amazing app,’” he said. “‘It’s going to be a beautiful app. And all you have to do to use it is change everything about how you discover content.’”
aggregation  bm  adblocking  itunesfornews 
7 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Ship by Product Hunt
so this is like mainly a startup-y SaaS serivce. landing page thingy, form for email grabbing, a/b testing, analytics, integrations with other services. not really worth it to pay $566 for 12 months up front, no less, right? .... Saadhh S, [May 28, 2018, 9:26:14 PM]: but the good parts are for Vidtelligence or any other thing we have, it lets you launch on product hunt higher up, some subscriber insights but most of all $5K in AWS CREDITS ... If I bring back DO to AWS, and my S3/Glacier personal stuff, I'd break even in under 4 months.
best_of  SaaS  freemium  integrations  startups  services  aggregation  landing_pages  analytics  @to_check_out 
7 weeks ago by skinnymuch
Toronto van attack - BBC News
Topic pages make our life as digital journalists easier - add a tag and all the content on that subject is aggregated for our audience (and us) in one place. A good example this week is the Toronto van attack - the stream is a packed with coverage, from eyewitness testimony and explainers on the gunman, to his possible motives and moving victim tributes.

So far, we’ve seen that topic pages can be great for SEO and engagement. A one-stop-shop of content on a particular theme is prized by search engines - so, for example, if you Google England local elections 2018 our topic page comes out top. We also know that when a user’s journey includes a topic page they read at least twice as many stories.

Topic pages give our audience thousands of ‘indexes’ on very varied topics - from #MeToo campaign and gender pay gap, to Whatsapp and body image. There’s something for everyone. This is great for the underserved audience who might be interested in diet & nutrition or fitness or cancer but won’t necessarily go to the Health index to find what they’re looking for.

Do suggest topic ideas by messaging - we’re particularly keen to expand what we have for young people and women.
tagging  tags  bbc  seo  topics  aggregation 
11 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Wiggle Hunt
Search new and used modular gear from synthesizer shops around the world. Love the stripped down minimal design of this site.
store  synth  audio  design  minimal  inspiration  aggregation 
april 2018 by eugenexxv

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