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"In the spirit of a creative, open innovation system, the Lab is a structure that not only thinks, but also does. Traditionally a place for scientists to test hypotheses that lead to potential breakthroughs, the Lab has been re-purposed to address elusive “wicked problems” in society. In this version (sometimes called the innovation, design or change Lab), substitute the scientific method with design thinking as the rigorous and repeatable protocol; swap beakers and Bunsen burners for sticky notes and white boards; and shift from single expertise to multifaceted expertise (usually representing a combination of business, design and humanities – in MaRS’ case, add science & tech as well as entrepreneurs of all sorts).

In these Labs, teams are experimenting with alternative solutions to real-world challenges such as water sanitization, carbon neutrality and age-friendly societies. And just like scientific breakthroughs, when these solutions succeed, they are game changing."
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november 2012 by robertogreco
Telematics Munich: Impact of Typeface on Future HMIs
Monotype’s Dave Gould and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer present results of a new study that sheds light on how optimizing typeface design can reduce driver distraction and enhance human-machine interface (HMI) ergonomics. The presentation takes place at the Telematics Munich 2012 conference — Europe’s largest telematics conference — October 29th – 30th at the Munich Hilton Park Hotel.
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