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Asia's worst aging fears begin to come true - Nikkei Asian Review
TOKYO -- The Asian century is going to be gray.From Japan and South Korea to China and some parts of Southeast Asia, aging populations are about to fu

HK reduces pensions unless pensioners look for work?
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7 days ago by traggett
What an ageing population means for the future of the internet • Buzzfeed News
Craig Silverman:
<p>Four recent studies found that older Americans are more likely to consume and share false online news than those in other age groups, even when controlling for factors such as partisanship. Other research has found that older Americans have a poor or inaccurate grasp of how algorithms play a role in selecting what information is shown to them on social media, are worse than younger people at differentiating between reported news and opinion, and are less likely to register the brand of a news site they consume information from.

Those digital and news consumption habits intersect with key characteristics of older Americans, such as being more likely to live in rural and isolated areas, and, perhaps in part as a result, to experience a high degree of loneliness. A survey conducted by AARP of Americans found that 36% of people ages 60–69 were lonely, while 24% of those ages 70 and older registered as lonely. (The survey focused on adults over 45.)

As a result, it’s now essential to better understand the effects of social media, loneliness, and a lack of digital literacy on older people, according to Vijeth Iyengar, a psychologist focused on aging at the US Department of Health and Human Services, and Dipayan Ghosh, a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.

“With recent evidence that older adults are much more likely to disseminate fake news compared with their younger counterparts, coupled with the projected growth for this population segment in the decades to come, it is crucial to advance our understanding of the factors affecting the ways in which older adults engage with these platforms and how in turn these platforms are affecting how they function in society,” they wrote in a recent article for Scientific American.</p>

Although.. in 15 years, those 65-year-olds are going to be the people who are 40 now. Are they going to be as gullible as this current crop? Also, why is this current crop of 65yos so liable to get this stuff wrong?
internet  ageing  attention  fakenews  socialwarming 
14 days ago by charlesarthur
Crippling debt ‘linked to depression’ - BBC News
People with mental health issues are three-and-a-half times more likely to be in problem debt than those without such conditions, analysis suggests.

This link was even stronger for certain conditions such as bipolar disorder and depression, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute said.

It said those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) were six times more likely to have serious money troubles.

It is leading calls for greater protection for those in this situation.

The institute analysed data from the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, which had responses from 7,500 people in England.

This revealed an estimated 1.5 million people were struggling with mental health and debt issues at the same time.
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23 days ago by asterisk2a
Can exercise reverse the ageing process? - BBC News
In our distant past we were hunter-gatherers, and our bodies are designed to be physically active.

So, if an active 80-year-old has a similar physiology to an inactive 50-year-old, it is the younger person who appears older than they should be, not the other way around.
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29 days ago by genome
Ctrl-Alt-Delete: The Planned Obsolescence of Old Coders
Because of their deep knowledge and broad experience, older programmers are able to translate their knowledge into ordinary terms, which puts them in a position to act as ambassadors to the nonprogramming world.
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5 weeks ago by petej
In Defense of the Gerontocracy
Maybe older is better. Just look at Nancy 78, and smacks down Donald Trump more effectively than any other politician and the reasons include her poise and steel, the kind forged by many battles over many years. They accrue as wrinkles do, with prolonged exposure to the elements.Sure, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s youth (she’s 29) is crucial to the passion in her voice, the ambition of her ideas and her ability to rouse a contingent of young voters who too often go missing from politics. But it probably also contributes to her heedlessness — to how cavalier she can be with facts. (Not that we don’t have a 72-year-old president who surpasses her in this regard.)Or we could just be seasoned, because part of what you discover on the far side of 50 is that aspirations and ardor carry you only so far. (“The Green Dream,” Pelosi dismissively called it.) Progress ultimately comes from a deep understanding of systems and a thorough familiarity with the most tedious details. That’s what Pelosi has, and it’s what she had nearly a decade ago, at 69, when she last served as House speaker and pulled Obamacare across the finish line. Could she have done that at 49?The building blocks of wisdom are experiences, which come only with the passage of time.It’s best to have plenty of younger politicians in the mix: It’s only from a multiplicity of perspectives that some problems — and some solutions — come clearly into view. And older generations need younger ones to reconnect them with their idealism.But younger generations need older ones to turn that idealism into more than pretty words. They need the moral authority reserved for people who’ve done so much loving, so much losing and so much figuring out how to press on. They need the life lessons, which have grown from a pamphlet to an encyclopedia. What a waste not to read every last syllable of it.
NYTimes  ageing  politics  gerontology 
6 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
The surprising joy and unspoken trials of an ageing parent
I've heard many such stories over the years, from people with parents in the early stages dementia, others who are grappling with moving elderly relatives into care, or struggling to support them to continue living independently. One friend dealing with her ageing mother's long untreated mental illness. All of them talking about the financial, physical and emotional toll, but also the disorienting strangeness of caring for a person who once cared for you.

I heard these stories, but I never really understood them. Until my own parents' care needs changed. Then I got it.

Again and again I hear people in this situation asking, why weren't we prepared for this? And of course part of the answer lies in the fact that it's impossible to really prepare for something like that, to understand what's involved, until you're living it yourself.

But there's also an additional challenge, in that the problems associated with caring for elderly relatives are rarely discussed. When you're a new parent, you typically become the focus of attention, and a good deal of that attention is positive. Yes, there are whole industries geared to selling you stuff that you probably don't need, but there are also support networks, maternal health nurses, mothers groups and casual conversations in parks and supermarkets.

Caring for ageing relatives lacks this positive public dimension. As a subject of conversation it's awkward, almost unsavoury. It's usually only when someone offers up their own story that others speak, and you start to realise how many of us are in a similar situation.
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10 weeks ago by timberwolfoz

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