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Most Fortunate in the Timing (4 - FUTURE UPDATES AT AO3)
In reply to the prompt: "Arthur/Merlin, The Time Traveler’s Wife AU"
arthur/merlin  wip  age-disparity  *posted 
july 2018 by mxa_news
First Blood
It took Jensen a few moments until he realized where he was, New York... and he was still alone, but a better life is sometimes just around the corner.
au  rimming  virginity  bestiality  knotting  author:jjia912  mpreg  age-disparity  size-kink  size-difference  hurt!jensen  h/c  rating:nc-17  bonding  alpha/omega  underage  rentboy!fic  werewolf  first-time  pairing:j2  via:avictoriangirl 
january 2013 by claudia79ad
Pretense (9e)
"I hate it when I have to pretend to be my brother's boyfriend." Except either Arthur or Merlin is genderswapped and is a girl.

intoxication, child abuse, dub-con, incest, age disparity, underage, genderswap
wip  intoxication  child-abuse  dub-con  incest  age-disparity  underage  arthur/merlin  genderbend  *posted 
august 2012 by mxa_news
Corporal Reward (COMPLETE)
Arthur/Merlin -
age difference, Dom!Merlin/sub!Arthur

Boarding school headmaster Merlin has been eagerly watching the security camera images of Arthur Pendragon being fucked by his classmates - the one of him begging to be used by Percival's huge cock was particularly stimulating - and waiting for him to turn 18, so he can take on his training personally.
*posted  complete  orgasm-denial  dub-con  humiliation  age-disparity  consensual.restraint  gang.bang 
february 2012 by mxa_news
Where I End & You Begin by Suntipped
In which Arthur falls for his best friends younger brother.
arthur/merlin  au  first-time  romance  nc17  angst  collegefic  comingoutfic  age-disparity 
july 2011 by LadyVader
Fucking Reincarnation (1-3)
Arthur remembers first, and to have a secret of his own for once, doesn't tell Merlin. But that doesn't mean he can't have some fun first.
arthur/merlin  merlin/gwaine  D/s  age-disparity  wip  *posted 
april 2011 by mxa_news

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*posted  alpha/omega  angst  arthur/merlin  au  author:jjia912  bestiality  bonding  child-abuse  collegefic  comingoutfic  complete  consensual.restraint  d/s  dub-con  first-time  gang.bang  genderbend  h/c  humiliation  hurt!jensen  incest  intoxication  knotting  merlin/gwaine  mpreg  nc17  orgasm-denial  pairing:j2  rating:nc-17  rentboy!fic  rimming  romance  size-difference  size-kink  underage  virginity  werewolf  wip 

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