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Three Reasons Why the "Nothing to Hide" Argument is Flawed
1. Privacy isn't about hiding; it's about protecting information. "Simply put, everyone wants to keep certain things private and you can easily illustrate that by asking people to let you make all their emails, texts, searches, financial information, medical information, etc. public. Very few people will say yes."

2. 2) Privacy is a fundamental right and you don't need to prove the necessity of fundamental rights to anyone.

You should have the right to free speech even if you feel you have nothing important to say right now. You should have the right to assemble even if you feel you have nothing to protest right now. These should be fundamental rights just like the right to privacy.

3. Aggregation - “just four fairly vague pieces of information — the dates and locations of four purchases — are enough to identify 90 percent of the people in a data set recording three months of credit-card transactions by 1.1 million users.”
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Intellectual humility: the importance of knowing you might be wrong - Vox
One high-profile effort to retest 100 psychological experiments found only 40 percent replicated with more rigorous methods. a few studies, wrongness admission isn’t usually judged harshly. “When we do see someone admit that they are wrong, the wrongness admitter is seen as more communal, more friendly,” he says. It’s almost never the case, in his studies, “that when you admit you’re wrong, people think you are less competent.”

The field of psychology, overall, has been reckoning with a “replication crisis” where many classic findings in the science don’t hold up under rigorous scrutiny. Incredibly influential textbook findings in psychology — like the “ego depletion” theory of willpower or the “marshmallow test” — have been bending or breaking.two solutions — among many — to make psychological science more humble, and I think we can learn from them.

One is that humility needs to be built into the standard practices of the science. And that happens through transparency. It’s becoming more commonplace for scientists to preregister — i.e., commit to — a study design before even embarking on an experiment. 

And two, there needs to be more celebration of failure, and a culture that accepts it. That includes building safe places for people to admit they were wrong, like the Loss of Confidence Project.

To be intellectually humble doesn’t mean giving up on the ideas we love and believe in. It just means we need to be thoughtful in choosing our convictions, be open to adjusting them, seek out their flaws, and never stop being curious about why we believe what we believe. Again, that’s not easy.
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Living like a caveman won't make you thin—but it might make you healthy
Hadza men and women walk 4-7 miles a day, hunting wild game, harvesting honey, digging for tubers, picking berries, or fetching water and firewood.

"The Hadza get more activity in a day than the standard American gets in a week

they enjoy superb health. Obesity is rare. Heart disease and diabetes are almost unheard of. Their waistlines don't expand, nor do their blood pressures creep up with age. Adults often live into their 60s, 70s, even 80s, without benefit of statins or urgent care centers.

the Hadza don't burn more calories than average adults in the U.S. and other industrialized countries. Hadza men burn about 2,500 calories a day. For Hadza women it's 1,900 calories.

human body seems to adjust to physical activity by saving calories on other physiological processes to keep total energy expenditure in check.

"exercise is actually a crappy tool for weight loss,"

Contrary to the Paleo diet evangelists, hunter-gatherers eat a lot of starchy, sugary, carbohydrate-rich foods: tubers, honey, and even grains," studies of more than 250 hunter-gatherer populations worldwide suggest they have excellent metabolic health while eating a wide-ranging menu of meat, plants and other foods. Our ancestors, too, had diverse diets depending on the season, climate and where they lived.

"There's a ton of variability," Pontzer said.

Just go easy on the portion size.
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Common food additives may promote anxiety-related behavior and reduce social behavior in mice, research shows
gut health and brain health are intertwined, and that there may be common mechanisms driving the parallel epidemics of obesity, inflammatory gut conditions and behavioral disorders
mental  brain  health  against  food  additives  study 
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Low carbohydrate diets are unsafe and should be avoided
8-15% increased mortality risk, esp. in non-obese older individuals. Meta analysis over 15 years.
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Is CBD a Miracle Cure or a Marketing Scam? (Both.) -
A recent migraine clinical trial, for instance, used 200 milligrams of CBD daily. A highly rated and reviewed one-ounce bottle of hemp oil I found online delivers 8.33 milligrams of CBD per serving and contains a total of 30 servings. A person would need to consume nearly a bottle per day to achieve the therapeutic effects seen in peer-reviewed CBD studies.

Various CBD products available on Amazon contain roughly the same amount or a few milligrams more per dose—still nowhere close to the therapeutic doses used in research.

Several studies have shown that CBD has a "bell-shaped dose-response curve," as one Brazilian report notes. In that study, which tested CBD as a treatment for anxiety in adults, 57 men were divided into four groups and given three different doses of CBD, plus a placebo. The group that received 300 mg of CBD had the best results, while the placebo group, the 150 mg group, and the 600 mg group fared much worse. There is, in other words, a sweet spot.

There's no question that the explosion of CBD products is creating serious confusion, and consumers are left to try to sort the wheat from the chaff without a lot of help"

While it does contain trace amounts of cannabidiol, all of the clinical research into CBD to date has used derivatives of the marijuana plant, not hemp.

"Many lower-quality producers use hemp oil imported from overseas," West explains in an email. The vast majority of CBD products available on sites like Amazon, for instance, use CBD derived from hemp, and many vendors are not clear about where that hemp was grown.

Consumers know only what they see on the label and in most cases have no third party to help them make decisions. As a result, the paper's authors warned, consumers are ignorant of the "residual presence of toxic solvents used during the extraction procedure" and do not know whether a formulation contains heavy metals absorbed from soil, excessive pesticides sprayed on the plants themselves, or non-CBD drugs designed to give users the sense that the product "works." In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tested 13 different CBD products and found that only two of them contained the amount of CBD listed on the label.

the market has been flooded with crappy products created by companies, both foreign and domestic, hoping to cash in on the hype.

It is against the law for any researcher in the U.S. to test a domestic CBD formulation against Epidiolex in a randomized, controlled trial.
Every year, the FDA sends hundreds of warnings like that one to manufacturers across the United States. What made its letter to the Stanleys so remarkable is that the brothers had created a drug that demonstrably treats the seizures associated with Dravet syndrome but were being told they could not say so. "To be in good standing with the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) regulations, we simply cannot speak about our product in relation to any disease."

"Researchers in the United States face cumbersome and antiquated barriers to studying CBD, THC, and other compounds contained in marijuana, in part because the Controlled Substances Act has installed cops and prosecutors as the arbiters of what scientists and doctors can investigate and learn."
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