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Mr Lamp's class at Harmony Elementary is connecting with Benin kids are asking and sharing questions via vi…
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yesterday by timlauer
Africa: Increasing internet Shutdowns and media bans limiting access to information
Article 19 has issued a statement expressing concern over internet shutdowns occurring in countries through Africa. The statement follows this week's shutdown in Zimbabwe, where the internet was shut down following protests over the high price of fuel:

"ARTICLE 19 is concerned by a series of internet shutdowns across Africa, most recently in Zimbabwe, where the internet has reportedly been blocked since 15 January. Similar shutdowns in Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Gabon and South Sudan have likewise paralyzed access to information and communication for citizens of these countries. In Zimbabwe, protests over fuel prices have been followed by the internet being shutdown while in Sudan, social media sites have been shutdown since December following protests over increasing food and gas prices. On the other hand, in South Sudan, the media has been banned from covering the protests happening in Sudan. In DRC the government shutdown the internet and SMS services before the 30 December Presidential elections. ARTICLE 19 is in court in Uganda regarding their 2016 internet shutdown and in Kenya regarding their 2018 media ban and calls on all countries concerned to rescind the directives shutting down the internet or banning media coverage and safeguard the right to free expression, privacy and equal access to telecommunication services for their citizens. Across Zimbabwe, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Gabon and South Sudan; social media platforms and traditional media represent the main channel through which people can freely express themselves, exchange opinions and ideas and get access to information. Therefore, imposing a shutdowns and bans on coverage impede the access to information by the majority of citizens."

+ Zimbabwe Lawyers Challenge Internet Shutdown as Strike Ends: Bloomberg

+ CAIDA's Internet Outage Detection and Analysis (IODA), a project currently supported by OTF, posted updates on the country's internet connectivity to the project's information dashboard, currently in beta.

+ Users in Zimbabwe and other countries experiencing shutdowns or other network interruptions can test for censorship using the OONI Probe mobile app, which just released a major update in version 2.0. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. OONI is an OTF-supported project.
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2 days ago by dmcdev
More Racist Rhetoric From South Africa: Whites 'Must Leave Everything' | Daily Wire
As violence against white farmers continues, following the South African parliament's decision to seize
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3 days ago by Kjaleshire
A Morsel of Goat Meat - The New York Times
Nicholas D Kristof Op-Ed column on hungry children, families dying of AIDS and other heartbreaking human consequences of economic collapse in Zimbabwe; says it is even more depressing that many ordinary black Zimbabweans wish they could get back the white racist government that oppressed them in 1970's (M)
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3 days ago by Kjaleshire
Senegal’s Museum of Black Civilizations Welcomes Some Treasures Home
With its focus on black cultural contributions across the world, a museum opens amid a heated debate about reclaiming plundered art.
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3 days ago by jellis

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