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“Wakanda is not African, and that's OK”, by Nanjala Nyabola for Al Jazeera
But we must see the film in its proper place. That place isn't Africa, and that's okay. It wouldn't be fair to expect one film to take on the burden of representation for a whole continent when it is already fighting for the visibility and representation of over 40 million African Americans in an industry that refuses to see them as more than a token. This is a triumph of African American filmmaking and should be celebrated as such without leaning on Africa as a marketing crutch.
blackpanther  filmmaking  filmcriticism  africa  usa 
4 days ago by beep
Fela Kuti's Discography Streaming On Bandcamp: 48 Albums In Total
Afrobeat  Nigeria  Africa  TonyAllen  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by judgeworks
Etymological map of Africa - What is in a (geographical) name?
This map is interesting and evocative. Some of the names remind us of beautiful things; others of sad things – but certainly of the history and diversity of Africa.
geography  Africa  African  afrika-studien  language 
5 days ago by weitzenegger
How to Draw a Black Guy
"The first tip is really easy, but people always struggle with it. Listen close. Avoid drawing these three types of characters (even if you're clever)."
art  comics  creativity  black  african  africa  howto 
8 days ago by allaboutgeorge

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