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The Day I Fell In Love With Fuzzing
An interesting essay about getting fuzzing going and building a test suite. I, too, love this stuff.
programming  fuzzing  afl  testing 
22 days ago by DeCarabas
Experts become facilitators, by mentoring and providing tools, toolkits, workshops, and support.
design  ux  usability  communities  facilitate  facilitator  tools  workshops  support  afrogleap  afl 
6 weeks ago by jburkunk
Flashback 1993: Fremantle announced as the 16th AFL team
25 years ago, the AFL officially approved a second WA team to be based in Fremantle. We remember the occasion with these two articles from the archives.
WAToday  football  afl  fremantle 
8 weeks ago by d_mac77
No Cookies | The Advertiser
. on why Taylor Walker and are already on the right track for season 2019.
AFL  from twitter_favs
september 2018 by pluke17

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