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History of the Soviet invasion by an Afghan historian.
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13 hours ago by PeterErwin
John Brennan, Former C.I.A. Spymaster, Steps Out of the Shadows - The New York Times
ency around drone strikes made it hard to understand, let alone defend, United States policy. “The biggest conflict I had with my leadership was drone strikes,” says one former diplomat who worked in South Asia during Obama’s first term. “Official U.S. government policy is that you can’t talk about them, because they don’t exist,” the diplomat continued. “I quickly realized that I couldn’t be a credible representative of the U.S. government without talking about what was on the front page of every single newspaper.” Under Obama, the justification for holding such unaccountable power was the good character of the president and his staff. “Do I want this system to last forever? No,” one senior Obama official told The Washington Post in 2012, referring to the drone program. “What is scary is the apparatus set up without John to run it.”

If McDonough could not talk about signature strikes, perhaps he could talk about drone strikes against “high-value targets,” named and known terrorists.

“Again, that sounds to me like a question that I’m not in a position to respond t
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6 days ago by Kirk510620
As the war in turns 17, I’m thinking about my friends that came home with me, but later took their ow…
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8 days ago by andriak
RT : While doing research on U.S. public opinion toward the war in , I came across this sobering Rasmussen R…
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15 days ago by kohlmannj
Why Do Defaults Affect Behavior? Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan
"We report on an experiment examining why default options impact behavior. By randomly assigning employees to different varieties of a salary-linked savings account, we find that default enrollment increases participation by 40 percentage points—an effect equivalent to providing a 50% matching incentive. We then use a series of experimental interventions to differentiate between explanations for the default effect, which we conclude is driven largely by present-biased preferences and the cognitive cost of thinking through different savings scenarios. Default assignment also changes employees' attitudes toward saving, and makes them more likely to actively decide to save after the study concludes."
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18 days ago by cshalizi
U.S. Aid Program Vowed to Help 75,000 Afghan Women. Watchdog Says It’s a Flop. - The New York Times
I am fairly confident distributing the $280m equally among 75,000 randomly selected Afghan women would have done a lot more good
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28 days ago by yorksranter

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