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Leaks reveal the health care industry's playbook for smearing and spinning Medicare for All out of existence by 2020 / Boing Boing
The Intercept has published slides from Partnership for America’s Health Care Future -- a lobbying group representing the for-profit health-care sector -- detailing the organization's plan to kill Medicare for All.
The slides and the accompanying reporting paint a picture of party establishment figures who have cycled into the lobbying industry -- former staffers for Obama and both Bill and Hillary Clinton -- and are now guns for hire, taking for-profit health industry money to try to scuttle the idea of extending universal health care to everyone in America.

The effort to reframe the debate has two prongs: a set of messages crafted for elite DC policymakers and another set aimed at heading off the mounting public approval for Medicare for All, now supported by 70% of Americans including a majority of registered Republicans.
healthcare  affordable  care  medicare 
november 2018 by Quercki
3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Chain Link Fence
If you want an affordable option that is also going to provide you with security, consider a chain link fence!
affordable  chain-link  security 
november 2018 by Adventure_Web
HPD - Find Housing - Mitchell Lama
The Mitchell-Lama program provides affordable rental and cooperative housing to moderate- and middle-income families.
realestate  housing  affordable  nyc 
november 2018 by rsewan
Ten Characteristics of Places Where People Want to Live
'Ten Characteristics of Places where People want to Live’ provides valuable evidence demonstrating the relationship between design quality and the rate of supply in the delivery of much needed affordable homes. A range of case studies illustrate what attractive and successful new housing looks and feels like. These built examples form the basis of ten characteristics of places where people want to live that can be easily replicated across the country.
housing  affordable  RIBA  report  architecture  design 
october 2018 by spencertree
Design and quality standards - GOV.UK
The design and quality standards that must be met by affordable housing providers who get funding from the Homes and Community Agency (this is dated 2007 - the amount of public money going into affordable housing has much reduced in recent years; a recent PM statement committed some funding for local authority housing. But it would be worth finding out what, if any, design standards are set.
design  standard  housing  affordable  quality 
october 2018 by spencertree
C6.1 | Standard Homes
Great designed homes for under $150k
affordable  housing  home  prefabricated 
october 2018 by Tknvbe
Most buy-to-let lenders refuse loans when tenants are on benefits | Money | The Guardian
Research carried out by the RLA’s mortgage consultants found that two-thirds of lenders representing 90% of the buy-to-let market did not allow properties to be rented out to those in receipt of housing benefit. About 4.2 million people in the UK claim housing benefit.
UK  injustice  discrimination  poor  affordable  housing  social  benefit  profit  maximisation  Buy-To-Let  Council  working  precarious  Generation  Rent 
october 2018 by asterisk2a
toxic smells coming out of it in more ways than one, new development 10 homes…
affordable  Greenwich  TelfordHomes  from twitter_favs
october 2018 by davidmarsden

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