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Ocean's Eleven **WATCHED**
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Video of the week: Here’s why ‘Sad Affleck’ is just perfect - The Washington Post
This original video is ripe for parody, and the best of the bunch is the one that makes inspired use of Simon and Garfunkel. Affleck — who of course once bombed as the big-screen Daredevil — looks vulnerable concerning his new superhero turn as the Dark Knight, and the mind behind those hurt eyes seems to wander as the parody clip cues: “Hello darkness, my old friend… .”

And the effect is, well, perfection.
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‘Sad Affleck’: ‘Batman v Superman’ Reviews Spawn Viral Video | Variety
The Man of Steel might be able to hold his composure in the face of adversity, but the Bat of Gotham? Not so much.

Fans created a video of a distraught Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” after the actor appeared saddened when asked about the film’s unsettling reviews in an interview with Yahoo Movies.

Affleck’s co-star Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, kept the energy high defending “Dawn of Justice” against criticism. During Cavill’s response, Affleck cast his gaze downward and only offered a two-word answer once Cavill finished.

“I agree,” said Affleck, leaning on Cavill’s defense.

YouTube creator Sabconth edited the video interview so Affleck’s sullen expression is accompanied by Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.”
Variety  Affleck  depression  Ben  affect  comorbidities  criticism 
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