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Operation Prime Chance - Wikipedia
Operation Prime Chance (August 1987 – June 1989) was a United States Special Operations Command operation intended to protect U.S.-flagged oil tankers from…
government  marine  military  history  foreign  affairs  intelligence  special  forces  iran  middle-east  reference 
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The MISSION Act strengthens VA’s ability to deliver trusted, easy to access, high quality care at VA facilities, virtually through telehealth, and in your community. That means Veterans get the care and services they need, where and when they need them.
veteran  veterans  affair  affairs  va  mission  act  healthcare  health  career 
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Libya crisis: UK officials anxious as blame is laid at doors of Gulf allies | World news | The Guardian
Blame for the renewed Libyan crisis has been laid at the doors of some of Britain’s closest allies in the Gulf, highlighting again how the UK’s commercial interests so often trump its political priorities in the Middle East.
Libya  UAE  Saudia  Arabia  Middle-East  foreign  affairs  UK  NATO  France 
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Reviewing the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy - GOV.UK
Statement by Ambassador Jonathan Allen, UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, at the General Assembly.
government  politics  foreign  affairs  security  counter-terrorism  intelligence  analysis  policy  review  research  statement  information  advice 
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Is Huawei a security threat? Seven experts weigh in - The Verge
The United States government is cracking down hard on Huawei. Lawmakers and intelligence officials have claimed the telecommunications giant could be exploited by the Chinese government for espionage, presenting a potentially grave national security risk, especially as the US builds out its next-generation 5G network. To meet that threat, officials say, they’ve blocked government use of the company’s equipment, while the Justice Department has also accused Huawei’s chief financial officer of violating sanctions against Iran, and the company itself of stealing trade secrets.
government  politics  foreign  affairs  security  mobile  communication  counter-terrorism  intelligence  analysis  technology  review  huawei  china  asia 
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MI6 'C' speech on fourth generation espionage - GOV.UK
MI6 Chief Alex Younger spoke on how the Secret Intelligence Service is evolving in response to hybrid threats and pioneering new approaches to keep the UK safe.
government  politics  foreign  affairs  security  mobile  communication  counter-terrorism  intelligence  analysis  technology  policy  review  statement  information  advice  huawei  china  asia 
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Virginia Hall - Wikipedia
Virginia Hall Goillot DSC Croix de Guerre MBE (6 April 1906 – 8 July 1982) was an American spy with the British Special Operations Executive during World War II…
government  british  military  history  foreign  affairs  intelligence  special  forces  reference 
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Richard Barrett | The Guardian
Richard Barrett is a former director of global counter-terrorism at MI6. He was coordinator of the UN al-Qaida/Taliban monitoring team from 2004 to 2013, and is currently director of the Global Strategy Network.
government  politics  foreign  affairs  security  counter-terrorism  intelligence  analysis  policy  research  journalism  news  comments  guardian 
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World Edition - The Atlantic
The Atlantic covers news, politics, culture, technology, health, and more, through its articles, podcasts, videos, and flagship magazine.
magazine  politics  literature  review  foreign  affairs  articles  news  comments 
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