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Theodor W. Adorno (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Philosophical and sociological studies of the arts and literature make up more than half of Adorno's collected works (Gesammelte Schriften). All of his most important social-theoretical claims show up in these studies.
theodor  W.  Adorno  aesthetic  theory  music  philosophy  aesthetics 
2 days ago by gdw
The artist that Beyoncé, Solange & Jay Z love to work with | Dazed
Black people in America, Jafa argues, have always had to make art out of absence – whether that be the absence of accurate portrayal, or even of basic materials. When you’re torn from your home, from Africa, he says, “We can dance, we can move, in a certain kind of fashion. But all that rich, thousand-year-old tradition of material expressivity, African sculpture, paintings, that's lost. Even though it ends up redefining Western art practice. But when the slave trade happens, when the Middle Passage happens, we can't take those things with us on the slave ship, right? Because they're material.”
art  creativity  africa  african  black  power  beauty  aesthetics  cinema  film  dance  music  jazz 
5 days ago by allaboutgeorge
The Enemies of Roger Scruton | by Samuel Freeman | The New York Review of Books
Many Americans say that they are conservative. They support limited government with fewer regulations, free enterprise, and lower taxes; they oppose affirmative action and “welfare” programs for the poor. But many of these people also support prayer and religious instruction in public schools; seek prohibitions on abortion, marijuana, pornography, and same-sex relations and marriage; …
magazine  articles  books  review  politics  society  moral  philosophy  aesthetics  conservative  history  democracy  new-york  america 
15 days ago by asaltydog
Roger Scruton - Wikipedia
Traditionalism developed throughout 18th-century Europe, particularly as a response to the disorder of the English Civil War and the radicalism of the French Revolution.
politics  society  moral  philosophy  aesthetics  conservative  history  democracy  reference 
16 days ago by asaltydog
Picturing Places | British Library - The British Library
Explore how images have shaped our view of the world from Roman antiquity to the modern ag.
Discover the role and history of topographical views, maps and texts through over 700 examples from the British Library’s collections and beyond, with fresh research in over 120 articles and films from an academic conference hosted by the British Library and Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art.
landscape  history  research  aesthetics  maps 
23 days ago by mildlydiverting
RT : Removing social objects useful not just for reducing risk, but for :
- Instagram has “archive” feature
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5 weeks ago by AramZS
Rosemary Hill reviews ‘The Omnipotent Magician’ by Jane Brown · LRB 5 January 2012
Like opera or any other art that depends on immensely elaborate processes for the suspension of disbelief, the sublime in landscape gardening was always on the brink of the ridiculous.
gardening  history  aesthetics  sublime  art 
5 weeks ago by mildlydiverting
The Camp Met Gala Was a Celebration of Fashion's Gay History | GQ
Lena Waithe’s custom Pyer Moss zoot suit reminded us, on the back, that “BLACK DRAG QUEENS INVENTEND CAMP” (the misspelling of “invented” is intentional—it’s how a queen would pronounce the word).
power  fashion  beauty  aesthetics  black  queer  queerselflove  lgbt  women 
6 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
A Deep Dive Into Black Culture and Camp | Teen Vogue
So to understand how black culture fits into conversations around camp, there needs to be a reexamination of the term that isn’t as heavily reliant on Sontag’s essay.
aesthetics  power  beauty  fashion  black  blackhair  movies  film  culture  creativity  lgbt  queer  queerselflove 
6 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
Material Design is a political choice
GWhen only one perspective dominates the discourse of what constitutes good design, the doors to many other different aesthetics are closed. All the different forms, colors, typography and other elements are filled with meaning and have deep cultural impact. [...] Google is a multinational corporation that represents a particular culture and Material Design is just another tentacle of the octopus that monopolizes the Web.
article  design  aesthetics  material_design  critique 
7 weeks ago by jberkel

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