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Flight Rights
'This website has been designed to help you, the passenger, understand your rights and entitlements in the event that your air travel plans are disrupted.' from the Commission for Aviation Regulation. See also thread from Sinead Ryan at
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july 2018 by jm
Aer Lingus set to resume flights to San Francisco from Dublin
Google, Apple and Facebook have persuaded Aer Lingus to reopen the San Francisco to Dublin route, according to sources in the US. The technology giants have their European headquarters in Dublin and their American bases in San Francisco. According to insiders, Aer Lingus will make an announcement soon having received assurances that Silicon Valley companies will take up seats.
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july 2013 by jm
Aer Lingus cheap flights debacle
"Blaming a technical error in their booking system in not good enough," said [National Consumer Agency CEO] Ann FitzGerald. "Aer Lingus formed a contract with the consumer at the stated fare and cannot simply walk away from their obligations." woo!
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april 2008 by jmason

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