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Why the coming-of-age narrative is a conformist lie | Aeon Essays
Cody Delistraty discusses the problems with our understanding of the coming-of-age story. The idea of a singular 'self' that is realized and a single moment when this realization occurs should be treated skeptically.

Cody then goes on to explore why this idea of a 'self' that 'comes of age' is so persistent in popular thought and storytelling.

Interesting Quotes:
"Most recently, research studies suggest a melding of these views. An individual does not have a given ‘self’ but is instead comprised of many ‘selves’ that shift slowly and in relation to social circumstance."

"Life is a wave of events. As such, you don’t come of age; you just age. Adulthood, if one must define it, is only a function of time, in which case, to come of age is merely to live long enough to do so."

"Although it flies in the face of what our stories have taught us for generations, a new understanding of coming of age, in which there is no direct path to maturity, no single ‘self’ that might be discovered or created, has the potential to be incredibly freeing. "
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Why the coming-of-age narrative is a conformist lie | Aeon Essays
How can you go about finding ‘who you really are’ if the whole idea of the one true self is a big fabrication?
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猩喇-せいら- on Twitter: "2階にいる振り付けマスターしてる男に目がいってしまう(^-^;"
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Eating people is wrong – but it’s also widespread and sacred | Aeon Ideas
Cannibalism is not uncommon. Humans have long enshrined the consumption of human flesh in sacred ritual – not just a few times, but again and again, in almost every corner of the globe. Evidence for cannibalistic practices has been found in South ...
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Can we prepare for the ethical issues surrounding future discoveries? | Aeon Videos
Whether you’re excited by its possibilities or worried about its potential consequences, large-scale human genome editing appears to be just around the corner thanks to CRISPR – a new gene editing tool unmatched in its revolutionary capabilities and efficiency. So how can we possibly prepare for its ethical implications? In this Parlor Chat, New York Times science journalist Carl Zimmer and Yale University science historian Daniel Kevles discuss how the history of science and regulation might – or might not – be our guide for avoiding social and ethical catastrophe.
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Why breaking the rules outdoors is an irresponsible thrill | Aeon Ideas
I had just finished digging an outhouse pit on a river in Colorado with a fellow National Park Service ranger when we saw the unexpected: a solo kayaker paddling the rapids that ran past our camp. A law-enforcement ranger who’d been leaning on a s...
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Thinking positive is a surprisingly risky manoeuvre | Aeon Essays
Fantasies about the future have a troubling effect on achieving actual goals. If positive thinking doesn’t work, what does?
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Maths notation is needlessly complex. It can and should be better | Aeon Videos
Making students learn to execute similar operations using three different kinds of notation – as in the case of exponents, logarithms and roots – is a bit like asking them to learn to say the same thing in three different languages for no good reason. With such counterintuitive and redundant standardised notation systems, it’s easy to understand why many students become overwhelmed by mathematics and choose to pursue fields where complex calculations aren’t necessary. This video by Grant Sanderson, who makes films under the moniker 3Blue1Brown, looks at how expressing exponents, logarithms and roots could be made simpler by using one elegant notation system, and makes a broader case for how maths could be made more accessible by developing cleaner – and perhaps even artful – notation.
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There is no difference between computer art and human art | Aeon Ideas
In December 1964, over a single evening session in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, John Coltrane and his quartet recorded the entirety of A Love Supreme. This jazz album is considered Coltrane’s masterpiece – the culmination of his spiritual awakeni...
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