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How to Use Google Ads’ Customer Match: The Ultimate Guide | WordStream
Customer Match gives advertisers the ability to create and target (or exclude) their very own user lists simply by uploading prospects’ email addresses. They can then apply these lists to Search, Gmail or YouTube campaigns and create customized experiences based on the users’ attributes/stages in the purchase journey.
yesterday by bcraig3
Know the terminology of Google before you take a dive into it. Take a look at the effectiveness of the adw…
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2 days ago by krishnau
Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) Generator | Try it for Free
Generate thousands of different ads, ad groups and negative keywords in seconds. Simply:

Type your keywords and select your desired match types
Add synonyms and related keywords in the topics tab (optional)
Create some unique ads using the _keyword_ tag
Review and download a CSV ready to be imported into Google Ads or the Google Ads editor app
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20 days ago by 1luke2
Start with & certified (use the demo account!) Then go through all
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6 weeks ago by jerrythepunkrat

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