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Removing JavaScript’s “this” keyword makes it a better language. Here’s why.
this is of course the source of much confusion in JavaScript. The reason being that this depends on how the function was invoked, not where the function was defined. Methods are functions that are…
javascript  oop  this  removal  proposal  functional  programming  advocacy 
2 hours ago by gilberto5757
The Sopranos, glorious pioneer of today’s TV golden age | Dorian Lynskey | Opinion | The Guardian
Twenty years on, prestige TV has attained overwhelming dimensions, empowering scores of creators who couldn’t have thrived in the rule-bound world of pre-Sopranos television. While the success of The Sopranos was made possible by the economics of cable channels, DVD binge viewing and episode-by-episode TV criticism, affluent streaming platforms such as Netflix have opened the floodgates. The vast amount of brilliant, idiosyncratic television that we now enjoy is due in no small part to David Chase’s refusal to be full of shit.
TheSopranos  television  review  advocacy  legacy  Guardian  2019 
3 days ago by inspiral
How Google software won 2018
But it's not just what's outside that matters. When it comes to Google's products, software can not only make up for lackluster hardware, but even give the company's devices an edge over competing gadgets. This year, Google delivered thoughtful software and truly helpful AI that made some of its otherwise mediocre devices surprisingly compelling.
Google  software  review  advocacy  hardware  Pixel  Pixel3  CallScreening  GoogleAssistant  PixelSlate  ChromeOS  Engadget  2018 
6 days ago by inspiral
Why you need to learn more programming languages. – Akshat Giri – Medium
I’ve been programming for around 4 years now. I started with C# doing game development, then moved to python for machine learning. Learnt Javascript and Typescript to do front end. Then I wanted to…
multiple  language  programming  knowledge  advocacy 
6 days ago by gilberto5757
"Space for Listening" by Matthew Murray and A.L. Carson
As part of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) “Top Tier” initiative, the University Libraries contributes to the development of campus infrastructure and services to support research data management (RDM) and data preservation. Positioning the Libraries within the UNLV community as both partner and site for this development, we organized a faculty-oriented Research Data Management unConference during UNLV’s Research Week.

The unConference attracted researchers and high-level administrat...
conference  outreach  rdm  advocacy  promotion  donnéesderecherche 
10 days ago by marlened

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