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4 lessons for software developers from 1970s mainframe programming | HPE™
4 lessons for modern software developers from 1970s mainframe programming
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8 hours ago by masukomi
When your manager isn't supporting you, build a Voltron | Lara Hogan
In my years of coaching managers and individual contributors, I’ve routinely heard the following complaints about their bosses:

advice  leadership  management 
15 hours ago by zero1infinity
Taking Money Off The Table
Which takes me to crypto (naturally). If you are sitting on 20x, 50x, 100x your money on a crypto investment, it would not be a mistake to sell 10%, 20% or even 30% of your position. Selling 25% of your position on an investment that is up 50x is booking a 12.5x on the entire investment, while allowing you to keep 75% of it going. I know that many crypto holders think that selling anything is a mistake. And it might be. Or it might not be. You just don’t know.
cryptocurrency  advice  investing 
16 hours ago by gdubz
Collections – How to Be a Stoic
From time to time, I select and organize some of the best (in my mind) essays posted here at and publish them in the form of a freely downloadable pdf booklet. Enjoy, and don’t neglect to contribute to my ongoing explorations of ancient and modern Stoicism by commenting on newly released essays.
Stoicism  philosophy  life  advice 
19 hours ago by basus
The Extraordinary Reason Exceptional People Avoid Mediocre Friends (They Rewire Your Brain) |
What this means for you
Even if you have a brilliant, world-changing, innovative, streak inside you, you're at risk of abandoning your entrepreneurial ideas, changing your beliefs and surrendering to the pessimism of naysayers, if you surround yourself by them.

In contrast, if you surround yourself with optimistic, energetic entrepreneurs who aspire to succeed, you're likely to change your innermost thoughts to think like them and become more entrepreneurial, even if you've never entertained entrepreneurial ideas before.

If your crowd can change your innermost thoughts, it can change who you are. When you pick people you want to be around, you're choosing the person you want to become -- choose wisely.
Business  advice  inspiration  life 
yesterday by corrales
What was your biggest "shit, my parents were right" moment? : AskReddit
Stop caring about what other people think, but still care about how other people feel
yesterday by brokerchange

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