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Scalable loops – Phronetic
I’ve attempted to leverage this undeniable preference for the cyclical. Instead of devoting myself to the attainment of specific and singular outcomes, I try to find my preferred processes. I have tasks that I complete every week and every month. I’ve developed rituals and workflows that I rely upon, day after day after day.
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2 hours ago by kmt
Vocate | Careers Built on Passion
Job matching for students <> internships and entry-level jobs.
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4 days ago by KuraFire
Michelle Wie: My 4 Driving Secrets to Find Every Fairway |
2015-05-08, by Michelle Wie, with David Denunzio,

"1. Address: Don't just set up to the ball – build a "power plant"
(...) To start, do what I do: Take an extra-wide stance and plant each foot well outside your shoulders (photo, above). This broader base further restricts your hip turn. Then push out your knees so you look a bit bowlegged, like I do, and squat down a bit, pressing your spikes into the ground. Your legs are now engaged—the tightness signals that you're ready to start your backswing. (...)

2. Backswing: Move everything except your lower body for a power-packed turn

(...) Simply turn your upper body and let your arms and hands come along for the ride. This makes it almost impossible to get off plane. That's why activating your legs at address is so important; without a solid base, your lower body turns in sync with your upper, no matter how hard you try to stop it. (...)

3. Transition: As you start your downswing, do less – not more – to keep the club on plane and conserve energy for impact

(...) Simply shift your weight to your left foot without turning your hips or shoulders. There's no difference between my end-of-transition and top positions (above) other than the fact that my left hip is closer to the ball because I've shifted toward the target. (...)

Once I finish shifting my hips toward the target during my transition, I immediately turn, first with my hips and then with my upper body, creating a whiplike "snap" through the ball. It's that simple—just unwind, releasing the coil you built up in your backswing. (...)"
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4 days ago by eric.brechemier
The Last Conversation You’ll Need to Have About Eating Right
"In fact, the basic theme of optimal eating — a diet made up mostly of whole, wholesome plant foods — has been clear to nutrition experts for generations. What does change all the time is the fads, fashions, marketing gimmicks, and hucksterism. How do you avoid the pitfalls of all that? Focus on foods, not nutrients."
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4 days ago by ddribin

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