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Little Things I Like to Do with Git – CSS Wizardry – CSS Architecture, Web Performance Optimisation, and more, by Harry Roberts
How to filter whitespace
how to see fine grain diffs (word diff)
"See Which Branches You Recently Worked On"
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11 hours ago by vahan010
Python Coding Guidelines
Python module metadata / comments, like __author__.
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12 hours ago by philjr
[no title]
As I’ve explained to my own daughter, it is not “honesty” to express every stray thought (wow, you’re really fat; what’s that smell?), even if true. That’s what toddlers do. As we begin to grow up (yeah, I’d shamelessly play on her desire to be adult), we are more able to hold feelings, situations and honesty in tension. A filter is not the same as being dishonest. Grandma knows she didn’t cook and so does everyone else, so you’re not “saving” anyone from anything by announcing it, you’re just creating hurt feelings.
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14 hours ago by winekitteh
Decluttering 101: 10 Rules to Help You Live with Less Stuff
"Choose the three rules you need the most right now and use them as reminders that you want so much more than stuff … in your home and in your life."
In brief:
1. Why is more important than how.
2. One thing at a time.
3. This is not a race.
4. If everything matters, nothing matters.
5. Keep your eyes on your own stuff.
6. Small progress is still progress.
7. Less is not nothing.
8. Just in case means never.
9. Holding on is harder than letting go.
10. This is love.
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23 hours ago by sahara
How To Avoid Burnout: 3 Secrets From Research - Barking Up The Wrong Tree
/[W]e’ve all seen others who have suffered the death spiral of burnout and become shambling zombies at the office. They’re not “The Walking Dead”, they’re “The Working Dead.”/

-Burnout is depression.
-Be optimistic (Bad things are not Permanent/Pervasive/Personal)
-Find meaning in what you do
-Double down on good relationships
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23 hours ago by sahara
9 Essential Books No Serious Writer Should Ignore
Looking for the best books on writing? You call off the search. These 9 books will dramatically improve your writing whether you're a novice or a pro.
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yesterday by bradbarrish
twentyonelizards: my boyfriend and I sometimes...
my boyfriend and I sometimes struggle to be on the same page when it comes to comforting- often i just want to vent and don’t need advice, whereas validation confuses him and he wants a plan of action

to counter this, we’ve come up with a system where we ask: “do you want advice, empathy, both or neither?” 

if it’s just advice, i know to go straight to action points and not spend time on fluffy words 

if it’s just empathy, he knows i want to be reassured and comforted and that’s all

if it’s both, it’s time for advice that recognises how hard the situation is and is perhaps gentler in nature

if it’s neither, just a hug is really good

i recommend trying to use this in your lives! it makes sure you’re giving and getting what you need, and reduces the risk of resentment or similar

-- I can see this being useful for the boys.
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yesterday by timberwolfoz
Social Video for Print Journalists | Wochit
Your print story will likely go into detail that a social audience won’t stick around for. Give the core facts and don’t try to include every little thing. Keep your text boxes short and succinct, and don’t let your text take up more than a fifth of the screen. Now is the time to play around with catchy phrasing (or even humor!) that will delight a social audience.
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yesterday by noodlepie

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