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Which Way Do You Run? - Andreessen Horowitz
"The dot-com crash came, we lost nearly half of our customers, and we never moved into The Maude Building. The lease we signed was for $10 per square foot per month. When we tried to rent it out, we found that post dot-com crash, the market price was $0.90 per square foot per month. But given the number of companies that had gone out of business, there were no takers even at that price. I ran away from my fear and lost $30M. Thirty million dollars that I badly needed. Yet somehow, some way, we survived—and maybe we survived because I never ran away again. To this day, every time I feel fear, I run straight at it, and the scarier it is, the faster I run.

Which way you run is often the key differentiator between effective and ineffective CEOs. Almost all CEOs know where the problems are, but only the truly elite ones run towards the fear."
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3 hours ago by earth2marsh
The Amazon Builders' Library
Some really good dist-sys/reliability advice from AWS principal engineers, including our team's old principal Jacob Gabrielson and fellow Dub Colm MacCarthaigh
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14 hours ago by jm
Nick Offerman explains how true creativity—and knowing how to do things with your own two hands—can lead you to a happier, more fulfilled life
Lots of good in here. About serendipity, knowing when to stop editing, favoring quality and tons of recommendations at the end
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yesterday by glass
Book Freak | Revue
This looks like a promising newsletter. Every week is a piece of advice from a piece of fiction/non-fiction. h/t Jocelyn G.
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yesterday by djtrischler
Get your work recognized: write a brag document - Julia Evans
Get your work recognized: write a brag document

There’s this idea that, if you do great work at your job, people will (or should!) automatically recognize that work and reward you for it with promotions / increased pay. In practice, it’s often more complicated than that – some kinds of important work are more visible/memorable than others. It’s frustrating to have done something really important and later realize that you didn’t get rewarded for it just because the people making the decision didn’t understand or remember what you did. So I want to talk about a tactic that I and lots of people I work with have used!
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2 days ago by tamouse

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