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YouTube -- [Alain de Botton]: Art is Advertising for What We Really Need
'Advertising beautifully alerts us to the desirability lots of things we probably don't need that much of in our lives. For its part, art also alerts us to the beauty and charm of bits of the world: but it tends to be the bits that we really do need for a fulfilled life.'
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Monetising millennials: what the corporate world thinks it knows about young people | Media | The Guardian
Most of all, it’s in how completely this congregation believes its own sermon. These people want to believe so badly that they are the harbingers of something bright and new, when they’re really just inventing more efficient ways to do what big businesses have always done: make mountains of money by screwing people over.
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yesterday by basus
There’s a digital media crash. but no one will say it • Talking Points Memo
Josh Marshall:
<p>Let’s try a very simple visualization of what I’m describing. Remember, there are too many publications relative to advertising revenue. So let’s imagine there are 30 publications and 25 revenue seats. The publications fight like hell to secure one of the seats. Then the platform monopolies came along and sat down in maybe 5 or 10 of the 25 seats. You can see the problem. The competition of 30 publications competing for 15 seats gets insane. A bunch of the publications are going to die or be forced to find another way to fund themselves.

Now, here’s the too little discussed part of the equation. A huge, huge, huge amount of digital media is funded by venture capital. That’s not just to say they had investors at the start but in effect a key revenue stream of many digital publications has been on-going infusions of new investment.

Much of that investment has been premised on the assumption that scale – being huge – would allow publications to create stable and defensible business models. There are a lot of moving parts to the strategies. But it essentially comes down to this idea: get big enough and you can solve the chronic problem of over-supply of publications in your favor through sales at volume and being able to command stable, premium advertising rates. But that hasn’t happened…

… The point is that investors are realizing that scale cannot replicate the kind of business model lock-in, price premiums and revenue stability people thought it would. Another way of putting that is that the future that VCs and other investors were investing hundreds of millions of dollars in probably doesn’t exist. That means that they’re much less likely to invest more money at anything like the valuations these companies have been claiming.

The big picture is that Problem #1 (too many publications) and Problem #2 (platform monopolies) have catalyzed together to create Problem #3 (investors realize they were investing in a mirage and don’t want to invest any more). Each is compounding each other and leading to something like the crash effect you see in other bubbles.</p>

One thing that might alleviate this: getting rid of rampant online ad fraud, where huge amounts of money sloshes through third-party ad networks which don't check that it is spent showing stuff to humans rather than bots.
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RT : Why local matters, even for national advertisers
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