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Lee Clow and Dan Wieden on the endless search for creative freedom, Part 1 | Campaign US
Steve Jobs was incredibly rare. When he came back in 1997, after he got thrown out by the soda-pop salesman, he was on a mission. He said, "We're going to meet every week on advertising," and we did until he died. Even if we didn't have stuff to do, he wanted to think about the advertising and talk about it.

The rare brands have somebody at the top that has a point of view and a belief system. They are the best clients.
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5 hours ago by JohnDrake
New Parents Complain Amazon Baby-Registry Ads Are Deceptive - WSJ
Amazon is now the third largest online ad platform. And they use deception, like allowing advertisers to insert entries into a customer's baby gift registry.
darkpatterns  advertising  amazon  evil  via:HackerNews 
13 hours ago by mcherm
How Movie Trailers Manipulate You
In a world where movie theater attendance has slumped to a 25-year low, more people are watching movie trailers than ever before.
movies  advertising  video 
2 days ago by jellis
Lyft drops its 'L' in solidarity with screwed Brooklyn commuters
Outdoor campaign accompanies ride sharing platform's efforts to help city dwellers in time of need
2 days ago by jellis
Escape from Fantasy | canalside view
The value of ‘contrarian’ thinking would seem to be pretty obvious…
Advertising  Planning  Strategy 
3 days ago by mikon_nikon
The idea of strategy as a pristine process with white gloves and pure charts is one I have always tried to snub out. Instead: extreme ownership. Anything that affects the result, we’re there. Politics, production, budgets, casting, lines, whatever. It’s harder. You’ll sweat more. But if you don’t you’re letting that rascal probability get one up on you again.
Strategy  Advertising 
3 days ago by mikon_nikon
Tumblr, Consolidation and The Gentrification of Internet. – Wetmachine
Platforms that become popular get acquired by larger companies. These companies shape these platforms to maximize advertising revenue. That means sanding off the rough edges that make a platform less attractive to advertisers or the larger mainstream audience that likes to feel hip and edgy but not quite that authentically hip and edgy.
tumblr  internet  platform  censorship  advertising 
3 days ago by yorksranter
Marketer of the Year: Nike | Mobile Marketer
From leveraging social platforms and diving into fresh mobile ad strategies, to creating powerful in-store experiences through technology, Nike has tied up mobile marketing this year, making it a champion in the space.

While the athletics retailer made waves this year with powerful creative that drove national conversation, its success in using bleeding edge technology shows how integrating mobile is key from the start. That approach — rather than as an add-on tactic — can help brands break through in a crowded market to connect with on-the-go consumers that are increasingly fatigued by traditional advertising.
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3 days ago by dancall

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