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Netflix Tries Out New Ads Between Episodes
Netflix is trying out a new feature that you may not like if you prefer your binge watching to go uninterrupted. The streaming service is testing out video ads in the form of a short trailer at the end of movies or a series episodes that suggest Netflix content you may want to watch next. Like YouTube, users are able to skip the ad after a few seconds, but it’s just one more step between me and my binge re-watch of The Crown.
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26 minutes ago by dancall
Grabb-It wants to turn your car’s window into a trippy video billboard | TechCrunch
Maybe it’s because it looks a bit futuristic — a bit unreal. Maybe it’s because I’m looking at an ad somewhere I never expected to see one, like the skyscraper-height ads of Ridley Scott’s future.

Grabb-It turns a car’s side rear window into a full-color display, playing location-aware ads to anyone who might be standing curbside. They’re currently aiming to work with rideshare/delivery drivers, enabling them to make a bit of extra coin while doing the driving they’re already doing.

As the driver crosses town, the ads can automatically switch to focus on businesses nearby. Near the ball park? It might pitch you on tickets for tonight’s game. Over in The Mission? It could play an ad about happy hour at the bar behind you.
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1 hour ago by dancall
Netflix will now interrupt series binges with video ads for its other series
Netflix confirms “test”; video ads appear with a “but first, check out...” prompt.
yesterday by joeybaker

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