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Technology companies should publish political advertising files online • Sunlight Foundation
Alex Howard and John Wonderlich:
<p>The United States of America has now fallen off the online disclosure cliff that Sunlight has warned of for years: the lack of transparency for political ad spending and related activity online created a significant vulnerability in our public accountability laws. While more transparency was rendered to TV stations, “dark ads” have flourished online. Last week’s reporting confirms that Facebook was used by Russians used to influence the 2016 election. The full extent of that interference is still not understood publicly, even now.

As we told Buzzfeed, highly targeted online ads now present a significant vulnerability for liberal democracies, especially since they are not covered by the comparatively strong legal oversight and public visibility that traditional radio, TV, and print ads are.

The Federal Communications Commission approved rules in 2016 that required TV stations and radio stations to publish their political advertising files online. This has added a digital twist to a decades-old requirement that political ad spending be publicly disclosed, in near real time, while technology companies, newly relevant as political ad vendors, continue to get a pass altogether from analogous public protections.

As the share of political advertising spent by campaigns on digital platforms grows, and more public time is spent on social networks, disclosure’s importance increases.</p>

There's no basis to disagree: people spend more time on social media than reading newspapers or watching TV news.
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10 hours ago by charlesarthur
Identifying purchase 'pre-triggers' drives results | WARC
There are several reasons why it has become increasingly challenging and expensive for brands to influence decisions in the active stage, they contend, including the fact that few people buy a brand that wasn’t on their consideration list when they entered the market; that the size of consideration sets in any case has remained steady even as the choices on offer have exploded in number; and that the cost of media targeting people in the active stage has been growing significantly.

All these factors lead the authors to advise marketers to use data signals to identify and exploit pre-triggers – “the actions people take just before they are triggered into the market” – and so establish their brands in consideration sets at the optimum moment just before the trigger to the active stage.
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14 hours ago by dancall
Foul-mouthed mothers are causing problems for Mumsnet
To answer this question, The Economist examined over 200,000 discussion threads from one of Mumsnet’s most popular forums. We looked for instances of the words that Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, deems offensive. The analysis does not capture every curse. Some mums choose to self-censor; others use knowing acronyms (CF, for instance, means “cheeky fucker”). Nevertheless, a clear trend emerges from the number-crunching: swearing is indeed on the rise.
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18 hours ago by dancall
Snapchat Daily Active Users Grow to 173 Million, Still Behind Instagram Stories | Technology News
While the doom doesn't spell imminent death, it's a sign that Snapchat could be relegated to the sidelines as a niche app for young people - or worse, a passing fad - rather than a major competitor for digital ad dollars like Facebook and yes, even the struggling Twitter.
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18 hours ago by markhgn
What Facebook's Mobile Turnaround Can Teach Media Companies |
52% revenue growth, a profit that more than doubled, and the fact that the site has nearly one billion daily users
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18 hours ago by markhgn
Uber Sues Mobile Agency Alleging Ad Fraud - WSJ
- interesting implications around tracking showing weakness in Uber’s much vaunted data expertise?
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21 hours ago by renaissancechambara

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