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People increased Facebook usage after Cambridge Analytica scandal
Deutsche Bank said its advertising system checks had shown that the purge of 583 million fake accounts following Russian interference in the US election has had "little to no impact on audience reach."
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13 hours ago by markhgn
State of Digital Ad Fraud Q2 2018
Ad fraud is at its all time high; both in rate and in dollars. Here's the evidence, you decide for yourself.
online  advertising  fraud  slides  presentation 
14 hours ago by markhgn
No I will not sell you a 'dofollow' link
I get asked to share spam at least twice a week. It's very annoying
spam  advertising  fraud  web 
18 hours ago by andrewducker
US mobile carriers cut off flow of location data to brokers | AP News | #privacy
Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have pledged to stop providing information on U.S. phone owners’ locations to data brokers, stepping back from a business practice that has drawn criticism for endangering privacy.

None of the carriers said they are getting out of the business of selling location data. The carriers together have more than 300 million U.S. subscribers.
surveillance  dataprotection  US  mobile  marketing  advertising  locationdata  privacy 
19 hours ago by corrickwales
IBM and Mediaocean ink blockchain partnership with Kellogg's, Kimberly Clark and Unilever as launch clients | The Drum
IBM iX and Mediaocean have lifted the lid on a blockchain network geared towards bringing greater simplicity to the digital media supply chain with brands and publishers including Kellogg's, Kimberly Clark, IBM Watson Advertising and Unilever all on board at launch.
The pair made the announcement as the second day of Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity kicked off.
They claimed that the existing manual auditing solutions currently on offer to the market are too siloed and leave marketers exposed to the risks of fraudulent actors in the market. The newly unveiled program, which is powered by the IBM Blockchain Platform and built on top of Mediaocean’s campaign management platform, looks to solve this when it launches in July.
The platform records all media transactions – from issuing of the purchase order, to the execution of media and payment – in a secure, standardized, and comprehensive manner – made possible by the use of blockchain, with IBM claiming it will provide a “sing source of truth for every media buy”.
advertising  blockchain  partnerships  technology  adserving 
19 hours ago by dancall
Grey New York's 75% creative pledge | WARC
“It is a commitment that addresses what every client has said to us: ‘Tell me more of my funds are going toward creativity. That’s what I want from you. That the unique value that I think you can add’,” she explained.

Part of this process will involve delivering the “flattest, simplest access to the broadest, most diverse creative minds”, Reiner told the 4A’s assembly.

“It is about creating a creative culture that is magnetic, that the best creative people are proud to call home, and the best creative people that we don’t yet have want to come join.”

As one example, meetings will have to be tighter, quicker, and more selective in their mix of participants. “Our clients can’t bring a plus-one [each] to every meeting,” Reiner said.

To make certain the right people are showing up at the right table, Reiner continued, “We all need to be really clear on what unique value we each bring to the party.”
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21 hours ago by JohnDrake
Cross-Device Tracking in = Better Conversion Rates
Advertising  Mobile  from twitter
21 hours ago by jhill5
Guardian, News UK and Telegraph launch joint advertising business | Media | The Guardian
The Guardian’s parent company has joined forces with rivals News UK and the Telegraph to create an online advertising business.
The Ozone Project has been launched in response to demand from advertisers for a one-stop shop to buy digital adverts across multiple leading news sites. When it launches in the autumn it will be possible for advertisers to buy online ad space on the Guardian, the Times, the Sun, and the Telegraph from a single site.
The deal involves only online adverts and all the newspaper groups will continue to have their own independent sales teams, who will compete against against each other for business. There is no crossover in editorial content or journalism, and no data will be shared between the newspaper groups.
partnerships  newspapers  advertising 
22 hours ago by dancall
NYMag: Vice Media Was Built on a Bluff
Interessantes Detail für alle (ehemaligen) Mitglieder des Vice Content Networks aus 'nem langen Artikel über den Aufstieg und Fall von Vice Media, deren halber Traffic mittlerweile von einer einzigen Spam-Clickbait-Site kommt.

NYMag: <a href="">A Company Built on a Bluff</a>
Vice to count their traffic as its own in exchange for selling ads on their behalf. Vice no longer works with OMGFacts or Distractify, but more than half of Vice Media’s traffic on Comscore today comes from a similar arrangement with, a site that publishes lists like “The Best Websites to Waste Your Time On,” on which was ranked No. 2.

Dieser Traffic und die Zahlen daraus nutzt die Vice Werbeagentur für ihre Anzeigenverkäufe und damit subventionieren sie ihre tatsächlich guten Sites wie Motherboard oder Noisey, die dafür allerdings von gnadenlos unterbezahlten Twentysomethings zusammengebaut werden, während sich das Management die Taschen vollmacht.
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23 hours ago by walt74

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