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19 hours ago by ormg
Luxury Dublin hotel bans all social media influencers | The Independent
A hotel has banned YouTubers and Instagram stars - after a 22-year-old YouTuber asked for a five-night free stay and broke down in tears when she was bluntly refused.
SocialMedia  Influencers  TheIndependent  YouTube  Instagram  Hospitality  Dublin  ElleDarby  Advertising  Brand  Controversy 
yesterday by dk33per
Ads Don’t Work That Way | Melting Asphalt
So for an ad to work by cultural imprinting, it's not enough for it to be seen by a single person, or even by many people individually. It has to be broadcast publicly, in front of a large audience. I have to see the ad, but I also have to know (or suspect) that most of my friends have seen the ad too. Thus we will expect to find imprinting ads on billboards, bus stops, subways, stadiums, and any other public location, and also in popular magazines and TV shows — in other words, in broadcast media. But we would not expect to find cultural-imprinting ads on flyers, door tags, or direct mail. Similarly, internet search ads and banner ads are inimical to cultural imprinting because the internet is so fragmented. Everyone lives in his or her own little online bubble. When I see a Google search ad, I have no idea whether the rest of my peers have seen that ad or not.
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yesterday by estreitinho
It's the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech
By this point, we’ve already seen enough to recognize that the core business model underlying the Big Tech platforms—harvesting attention with a massive surveillance infrastructure to allow for targeted, mostly automated advertising at very large scale—is far too compatible with authoritarianism, propaganda, misinformation, and polarization. The institutional antibodies that humanity has developed to protect against censorship and propaganda thus far—laws, journalistic codes of ethics, independent watchdogs, mass education—all evolved for a world in which choking a few gatekeepers and threatening a few individuals was an effective means to block speech. They are no longer sufficient.
society  social_media  Propaganda  2016USElections  advertising  censorship  surveillance 
yesterday by elizrael
The Ad Community’s Reaction to Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Change – Adweek
“This change will impact the way that we talk about the value of Facebook for advertisers, and that the meaningful interactions that are important in paid really are about driving business outcomes, and not about driving engagement for the sake of engagement.

If anything, this update will further support the point of view that we have had on using paid social to drive true business objectives—not engagements—for a while now. It will also impact the way we monitor the performance of any boosted content, in case we do see an impact there.

Additionally, paid placements are largely unaffected by the change. Advertisers who boost organic content may see a small impact if the content did not receive enough meaningful interactions before it was boosted, but that is only one factor in the auction, so we anticipate minimal-to-no impact here.”
facebook  advertising  edgerank  trends  agencies 
2 days ago by dancall
Facebook’s Motivations – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
One possible answer is that conventional wisdom is right: Facebook may still have a hold on identity, but the amount of time users — particularly the most valuable users — are spending on the network is steadily decreasing. That may not be a problem for the business today, but it certainly could be in the long run.

Another possible answer is that Facebook fears regulation, and by demonstrating the ability to self-correct and focus on what makes Facebook unique the company can avoid regulatory issues completely. The question, though, is how exactly would Facebook be regulated? There certainly is no crime in providing a free service that lets people connect with those they know. I suggested last year that perhaps Facebook’s monopoly power could be seen in its seeming inability to help publishers monetize or especially in digital ads, but those cases are far more theoretical (or in the case of publishers, fantastical) for now.
facebook  legal  edgerank  trends  advertising 
2 days ago by dancall
Amazon's $18B Advertising Earnings Opportunity |
Amazon may have had a strong run last year, but at least one Wall Street analyst thinks there’s more room for the eCommerce giant to grow in 2018.
Citing BMO Capital Markets, CNBC reported news on Tuesday (Jan. 16) that a thriving advertising business will aid the company in 2018 — so much so that BMO raised its price target on Amazon’s stock to $1,600 from $1,200. BMO now has the highest price target of all Wall Street analysts that cover the company, marking a 23 percent increase in shares from where the stock closed Friday (Jan. 12).
“We believe the emergence of Amazon’s advertising business can support both margin and multiple expansion and could be a greater catalyst for the shares if management shares more data points like it did for Amazon Web Services,” BMO Analyst Daniel Salmon wrote. “The end result is greater confidence in the company’s advertising opportunity and an increase in our estimates.”
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2 days ago by dancall

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