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The Infographic Must See to Improve Their Campaign Results by
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5 weeks ago by jhill5
Advertisers are getting squeezed every way. What is the answer? | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
With the decline of traditional ad channels such as newspapers, magazines and network TV, brands have been pouring money into the digital realm — primarily Google, Facebook and now Amazon. Here is the weird part — Facebook usage is in decline. Data from Edison’s Infinite Dial report:
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march 2019 by marshallk
help answer questions immediately, a factor to weigh as estimate the cost of acquiring new c…
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february 2019 by jhill5
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twitter report alt right breitbart advertisers
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october 2018 by danfnz
On average across all categories, the number of competing for a first page Ad position increased 13.1%…
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july 2018 by jhill5
Adssuccess - Facebook Ads Spy
$97/month or $67/mo if paying for 6 months. -- Should be motivation as the landing page/home page isn't done. And the interface doesn't look very good. Plus the domain is god awful
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july 2018 by skinnymuch

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