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(3935) 35 Minutes on YouTube Demonetization - YouTube
Conservative corporate totalitarian times. Monopoly and monopsony. &! politics hit - - J&N, The Young Turks // 'anti-liberal democratic people democracy' policing content
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歷史灣 on Twitter
Formosa Oolong Tea

#Vogue 1928-12-08 #advertisement
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Words still matter
We also understand better than when we started the systemic issues we need to address. It’s not just about creating great tools for writing. We must also create the right reward systems. The current reward system that drives content online looks like this: Attention = Money.

As a result, the path to profit is to manufacture attention more cheaply than what you get paid for it. This is not a dramatically different formula than the media business has historically run on. However, attention is now tracked, commodified, and rewarded in a way that has huge implications. Attention is rewarded, regardless of quality, context, or whether it was earned by conscious choice.
Conscious choice matters. It’s the difference between being a knowledge seeker and a channel flipper. The internet is amazingly well tuned to give you what you “want” — whether you want it or not. If you can’t look away from a car crash, it will surmise you want more car crashes and will create them for you. If you can’t stop eating junk food, it will serve you up a platter.

Is it any wonder we’re at a nadir of truth, understanding, and trust in our media?

It’s not that there aren’t journalists, publishers, and thinkers doing great work and putting it out there. But the realities of the attention economy are very tough for those who create things designed for anything but the widest possible (i.e., lowest-common-denominator) audience. For ad-driven sites, the revenue per reader has been dropping for years (while the experience worsens and privacy disintegrates), leaving little room for research, fact checking, or polish… let alone nuance or complexity. The system demands quantity. It demands speed. And it demands little else — except our clicks.
In summary, the system is broken. The free ride is an illusion. It was never free, and it is going nowhere but down.
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Privacy Badger
"Privacy Badger blocks spying ads and invisible trackers. It's there to ensure that companies can't track your browsing without your consent.

This extension is designed to automatically protect your privacy from third party trackers that load invisibly when you browse the web. We send the Do Not Track header with each request, and our extension evaluates the likelihood that you are still being tracked. If the algorithm deems the likelihood is too high, we automatically block your browser from responding to the domain. Just because a domain has been flagged by Privacy Badger's algorithm, doesn't mean that that domain is tracking you, just that it could be.
You can click on the Privacy Badger icon in your browser's toolbar if you wish to override the automatic blocking settings.
Privacy Badger is a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation."

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PeaceMaker - Make them do the work
Reaktor's clever website for collecting emails from recruitment candidates.
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