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degdigital/magento2-customreports: Magento 2 module that allows an admin panel user to create new reporting grids via SQL statements.
Magento 2 module that allows an admin panel user to create new reporting grids via SQL statements. - degdigital/magento2-customreports
Custom  module  report  magento2  advanced 
7 hours ago by arioch1984
Advanced SQL window functions quiz
Advanced SQL Tutorial for SQL Window Functions.
learning  sql  databases  advanced  quiz 
4 weeks ago by mjlassila
Troubleshooting Cross-Domain Tracking In Google Analytics | Simo Ahava's blog
Cross-domain tracking, in Google Analytics, is the process of passing information stored in browser cookies from one domain to another. Due to web browsers’ same-origin policy, a browser cookie is only available to the domain it is written on and all its subdomains (by default). Since Google Analytics uses cookies to persist the Client ID, once the user moves from domain to domain it’s important to somehow pass this Client ID, too.

Cross-domain tracking isn’t the easiest thing to implement, though. At its easiest, especially if you use Google Tag Manager, it’s a question of configuring a couple of fields in your Google Analytics trackers and snippets. However, issues typically arise when your website uses unconventional link redirects, or when you want to persist the Client ID in an iframe loaded from another domain.
troubleshooting  googleanalytics  ga  cross  domain  link  tracking  advanced  attribution  referrals 
5 weeks ago by 44sunsets

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