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15 new DOOM tracks are coming via Adult Swim - Bonafide
For the next 15 weeks, Adult Swim will be uploading a track per week from a mysterious folder named The Missing Notebook Rhymes. Each track is considered a ‘notebook’ and will be taken from brand new DOOM albums (!) or singles the masked villain features on – one of which is a link-up with Jay Electronica. The first in the series is titled Negus, taken from Sean Price’s forthcoming posthumous album, Imperious Rex.
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august 2017 by dk33per
‘Rick and Morty’ Is Back, and Still Refreshingly Honest
“#RickAndMorty Is Back, and Still Refreshingly Honest” #tv #AdultSwim #television…
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august 2017 by JonClodfelter
Rick and Morty Is One of the Best Shows on TV
“Rick and Morty Is One of the Best Shows on TV” #RickAndMorty #tv #AdultSwim #television…
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august 2017 by JonClodfelter
Adult Swim: Singles
"Star-Spangled" by Fatima Al Qadiri
"Giorgio's Theme" by Moroder from 2014
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july 2017 by mechazoidal

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