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Vaccines For Adults: What You Should Know : Shots - Health News : NPR
"So we're here to answer some common questions about adult vaccines. Click on each topic to go to that section.

1. Measles 2. Shingles 3. Tetanus 4. Vaccines during pregnancy 5. Before meeting a newborn baby 6. Before visiting the elderly 7. Chickenpox 8. Hepatitis B, A and C 9. HPV"
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may 2019 by earth2marsh
I came in like a breaking ball on Twitter: "It's weird being part of a generation where the signifiers of adulthood--home ownership, stable job, etc.--got so unattainable we had to make our own signifiers, except ours are internal: acting emotionally matu
(@leahbobet kicked things off with this tweet—)
“It’s weird being part of a generation where the signifiers of adulthood–home ownership, stable job, etc.–got so unattainable we had to make our own signifiers, except ours are internal: acting emotionally mature.

“And now very few of our elders actually qualify as adults to us.”

(And then @JoshMLabelle added—)
“This really puts a finger on this peculiar feeling I have around a lot of men of my father’s generation, that they aren’t so much adults as very powerful little boys with houses

“All emotions expressed as anger. No ability to self-regulate because they’re so used to being humored. No coherent moral vision of the world beyond what might inconvenience them.”

(And then @leahbobet chimed in to add—)
“This behaviour set, right here. It’s so endemic to men of a certain age especially, and I’m pretty sure they don’t understand that every signal they give to anyone younger is not just ‘child’ but ‘bad child.’”
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april 2019 by handcoding
Love what you do in front of the kids in your life
The problem with parenting tips is that the best way to help your children become the kind of person you want them to be is by surrounding them with the kinds of people you want them to be. This includes you.

You can’t tell kids anything. Kids want to be like adults. They want to do what the adults are doing. You have to let them see adults behaving like the whole, human beings you’d like them to be.

If we want to raise whole human beings, we have to become whole human beings ourselves.

This is the really, really hard work.

Want your kids to read more? Let them see you reading every day.
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february 2019 by jbrennan

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