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Sex Toys Will Never Be Able To Do The Hardest Work For You
Useful metaphor.
I talked about consent in all of the sex education workshops I ran, and I would sometimes explain it this way, really throttling the metaphor to death: Let’s say you want to invite your friend to get dinner at a restaurant. Do you say “Do you want to have dinner?” and leave it at that? Or do you ask more questions: “Anything you’re particularly in the mood for? Are you allergic to certain foods? Is there anything new you want to try?” What if you got to the restaurant, and your friend said, “Okay, I know I said I was in the mood for this, but I actually feel like I want something else instead.” And what if you were eating, and then your friend was full and wanted to stop?

I never added this, but I should have: What if your boss invited you out for dinner, not your friend? Would that change the way you answered? Would it be harder to tell them you weren’t interested in the restaurants they suggested? Does that power differential make it harder to say no, knowing that there could be consequences? Our culture has flattened this nuance when we talk about consent. Saying “no” is one thing (a very important thing), but what does it mean to face the potential of violence for your “no”? How will that change the quality of your “yes”? We are expected to ignore all of the ways we could be punished, or else learn to eat whatever is being served without complaint.
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The Website Obesity Crisis
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13 days ago by libbymiller
RT : If your is operating on campaigns addressing the Indian audience, read this.
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Brainwashing your wife to want sex? Here is adtech at its worst | The Drum
Adtech is becoming not only a technology to sell products and services but also a Pandora’s Box that may harm the world irreparably.
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22 days ago by ronnussey
We're answering them all and demystifying jargons with our brand new eLearning series.

Actionable insights…
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5 Programmatic Myths You Need to bust to Increase Your Ad Revenue -

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