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This is why you're still seeing referendum ads online
summary: Google can't block ads placed via their own exchanges
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3 hours ago by jm
Doc Searls Weblog · GDPR will pop the adtech bubble
What's good in adtech ans ads, explained. (Spoiler : not much)
advertising  adtech  rgpd 
6 days ago by gui11aume
Doc Searls Weblog · GDPR will pop the adtech bubble
"@WaltMossberg learned why on a conference stage when an ad agency guy said the agency’s ads wouldn’t sponsor Walt’s new publication, recode. Walt: “I asked him if that meant he’d be placing ads on our fledgling site. He said yes, he’d do that for a little while. And then, after the cookies he placed on Recode helped him to track our desirable audience around the web, his agency would begin removing the ads and placing them on cheaper sites our readers also happened to visit. In other words, our quality journalism was, to him, nothing more than a lead generator for target-rich readers"
7 days ago by psychemedia
Doc Searls Weblog · GDPR will pop the adtech bubble
Since tracking people took off in the late ’00s, adtech has grown to become a four-dimensional shell game played by hundreds (or, if you include martech, thousands) of companies, none of which can see the whole mess, or can control the fraud, malware and other forms of bad acting that thrive in the midst of it.
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9 days ago by page
RT : Brilliant story on starts by asking the essential question.

Q: Does a publisher need to track people
to wi…
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9 days ago by mshook
Heavy 'Tech Tax' Remains A Challenge For Programmatic Media Deals 04/02/2018
Heavy 'Tech Tax' Remains A Challenge For Programmatic Media Deals - 04/02/2018
9 days ago by shoesiq
Doc Searls Weblog · GDPR will pop the adtech bubble
Excellent piece on the mess that is #adtech, as opposed to advertising or marketing, and how GDPR just might pop that bubble and leave all of us in a better internet for it.
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10 days ago by thewavingcat
cowlicks/privacypossum: Privacy Possum makes tracking you less profitable
An anti-tracking-oriented plugin from a one-time Privacy Badger dev. Probably worth a look.
firefox  browser  warelogging  privacy  web  adtech  eff 
10 days ago by brennen
Doc Searls Weblog · GDPR will pop the adtech bubble
Pro tip #1: don’t bet against Google, except maybe in the short term, when sunrise will darken the whole adtech business. Instead, bet against companies that stake their lives on tracking people, and doing that without the clear and explicit consent…
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11 days ago by loughlin

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