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無料テーマCocoonのカスタマイズ注意点【広告・アドセンス編】 | PlusPlus
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11 weeks ago by mimiken
Cocoonユーザーにお勧めしたい広告設定【アドセンス最適化計画】 | ぶちくま創作ベース
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11 weeks ago by mimiken
Margrethe Vestager to hit Google with another fine • Financial Times
Rochelle Toplensky:
<p>The latest investigation has focused on Google’s AdSense business, which places its search box on third-party websites, such as news websites. The commission can fine up to an additional $13bn — which is 10% of the latest global turnover of Google’s parent company, Alphabet — but the penalty is expected to be significantly smaller than the maximum.

As outlined in their 2016 charge sheet, EU officials worried that Google “artificially reduced choice and stifled innovation in the market” by contractually restricting how third-party websites display search ads from rivals.

The EU case centres on Google demands, introduced in 2006, that required a number of popular third-party websites to use its ad service exclusively if they wanted to include the Google search box on their site. In 2009, the company relaxed the restrictions to allow the websites to show competing advertisers on their pages, but required they display a minimum number of Google ads in prime locations and give Google the right to authorise changes to competitors’ ads. The contract terms were ultimately phased out from 2016.

While next week’s fine will bring an end to the AdSense investigation, EU antitrust officials continue to scrutinise Google’s behaviour in other services — such as dedicated search for travel, jobs and local businesses — and could open fresh probes.</p>
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march 2019 by charlesarthur
AdSense revenue share - AdSense Help
revenue shares alone can be misleading, so we encourage you to focus on the total revenue generated for your site
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january 2019 by mjs
What is Google for Nonprofits? The complete run-down — The Digital Nonprofit
Google Ad Grants is perhaps the most popular program in Google for Nonprofits, where Google gives nonprofits $10,000 a month to spend on advertisements in Google search results.
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december 2018 by amann
RT : I love how Twitter and Facebook are talking about battling fake accounts but Google sells ads to follower factories.
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september 2018 by bowbrick
The new AdWords experience video playlist - AdWords Help
The new AdWords experience video playlist

See the new AdWords experience in action with these short videos.
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june 2018 by gwippich

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