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Mozilla co-founder unveils Brave, a browser that blocks ads by default
In practice, Brave just sounds like a cash-grab. Brave isn't just a glorified adblocker: after removing ads from a webpage, Brave then inserts its own programmatic ads. It sounds like these ads will be filled by ad networks that work with Brave directly, and Brave will somehow police these ads to make sure they're less invasive/malevolent than the original ads that were stripped out. In exchange, Brave will take a 15 percent cut of the ad revenue. Instead of using tracking cookies that follow you around the Internet, Brave will use your local browsing history to target ads. It isn't clear whether Brave will actually be any faster than another browser, or whether it will save on mobile data usage, once it has inserted its own ads. The new ads still have to be pulled down across the Internet. Brave doesn't have a special pipe that makes its ads load more quickly than the ones it replaced. It's fairly safe to assume that Brave will also use quite a lot of CPU time to strip out ads and then insert new ones.
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2 days ago by mikael
Make Safari browsing fast, safe and productive
Nice ad blocker for Safari
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3 days ago by cd
Piccadilly Circus billboard uses recognition technology to deliver adverts
Built-in cameras concealed within the screen can track the make, model and colour of passing cars to deliver targeted adverts, said Landsec, the company that owns the billboard named Piccadilly Lights.

Brands are able to pre-programme specific adverts to play when particular cars drive past, and adapt to the age or gender of passersby.

The cameras and an algorithm register visual cues – for instance, hair length and height – to make assumptions on the demographics of the area. For example, if the algorithm detects a higher proportion of women in the area it could display promotions for womenswear.
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3 days ago by libbymiller
Banner Ads Considered Harmful (Here) -
Very good statistical analysis of the effect of banner ads on traffic on a blog. Found that banner ads decreased traffic ~10%.
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6 days ago by alexbecker
Time Well Spent
Consumer interest group pushing back against advertising and tech companies stealing our attention
time  attention  ethics  advertising  mobile  ads 
8 days ago by nelson

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