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Using to deliver more relevance with Responsive
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3 days ago by jhill5
Twitter can convert as well as Facebook ads, and with better , says Pam Neely (). That is, if…
ads  ROI  from twitter_favs
4 days ago by pamneely
Adssuccess - Facebook Ads Spy
$97/month or $67/mo if paying for 6 months. -- Should be motivation as the landing page/home page isn't done. And the interface doesn't look very good. Plus the domain is god awful
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5 days ago by skinnymuch
Google Innovations for Text and Across
Ads  Devices  Display  from twitter
5 days ago by jhill5
expands its Local Knowledge Panel by adding GrubHub and DoorDash via
Google  Ads  from twitter
6 days ago by jhill5
80s game commercials
Really great proto-VR segment starts around 4:20
games  atari  ads  via:boingboing 
9 days ago by nelson

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