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Google adwords banners and google adwods banner package
Make your company stand out with BannersMall’s Adwords banners and distinctive approach to Google Adwords banner design. Our Google AdWords banners package includes a range of sizes and formats that will help you maximize sales, and increase click rates.
google  adwords  banner  ads  design  set  adword  package 
4 hours ago by ArjunDoto
How Much Traffic Do You Need to Get to $100/Day with Adsense? - RankXL
How to estimate online traffic needs to achieve a desired level of income. A way to figure your magic number.
ESB6  ch4  Online  rates  income  ads  traffic  estimates  magicnumber 
2 days ago by jeromekatz
AdParlor Mockup Generator
Create free ad mockups across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
facebook  ads  marketing  tool  mockup  airprishtina 
2 days ago by rolfvanroot
Ikea Wants You to Pee on This Ad. If You’re Pregnant, It Will Give You a Discount on a Crib – Adweek
This is definitely the coolest pee-based advertising since Animal Planet put urine-scented ads at the bottom of lampposts to attract dogs (whose owners then saw a larger ad at their own eye level promoting a dog award show).
ads  marketing 
4 days ago by avashevko
Washington Monthly | How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us
the users most likely to respond to Leave’s messages were probably less wealthy and therefore cheaper for the advertiser to target: the price of Facebook (and Google) ads is determined by auction, and the cost of targeting more upscale consumers gets bid up higher by actual businesses trying to sell them things. As a consequence, Facebook was a much cheaper and more effective platform for Leave in terms of cost per user reached. And filter bubbles would ensure that people on the Leave side would rarely have their questionable beliefs challenged.
brexit  facebook  filterbubble  ads  from iphone
5 days ago by visuell
Twitter payola
tweetdecking; thousands of dollars a month to retweet spam
tweetdecking  twitter  spam  ads 
5 days ago by nelson
Academic researchers fire latest shots in adblocking arms race
On its own, this provided an indication of just how prevalent anti-adblocking software is. The authors claim to have found an anti-adblocking response on more than 30 percent of the Alexa Top-10,000 websites, but it’s somewhat more complicated than that. In many cases, adblocking software was detected, but there was no visible response; the software simply logged the presence of the adblocker, often through Google analytics.
ads  hack  science  software  browser 
7 days ago by mikael

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