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11 days ago by edelagrave
Event Report - ADP Meeting of the Minds - Wisely front and center - and the rest?
"On the concern side, ADP is to shy to give ADP MOTM attendees the product updates that they deserve. A roller coaster event-based communication strategy like on Liffion and PI does not make sense. The irony is that it usually predicts product issues and delays, and that is not the case for ADP at the moment. When the cat is out of the bag, you need to keep talking about how it is doing, developing etc. One of the big mysteries of my analyst career."
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8 weeks ago by jonerp
Progress Report - ADP Analyst Day 2018 - Things are looking up
"ADP product portfolio gets stronger and stronger, now it has to prove itself in practice. Following the roll out waves in 2019 will be key for prospects and customers. The ability to have payroll managers configure, change and operate a payroll are innovative, at least of the scale that ADP needs to support. The team approach of Liffion is equally key, as teams are the org units that make and break enterprise success. And for that, very little has been done in the past to support teams and their leaders."
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september 2018 by jonerp

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