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Apps That Won’t Work With macOS Mojave - Macworld UK
Find out which apps won’t work once you update to Mojave. Check for compatibility issues in macOS Mojave before you upgrade.
Apple  Mac  macOS  macOSMojave  MacworldUK  Technology  Compatibility  Software  Adobe  AdobeLightroom  AdobePhotoshop 
october 2018 by dk33per
Telegraphics - Free plugins for Photoshop & Illustrator...and other software
»WebP Format: File Format plugin that opens and saves 24-bit WebP images (Google's proposed compression format for images on the web).«
adobePhotoshop  webp  plugin/addon/extension 
august 2018 by flov
If it is a subscription only app, I'll pass in favor of Serif's Affinity for iPad.
AdobePhotoshop  SerifAffinity  from twitter
july 2018 by jerry7171
Design Resources from Bjango
»Bjango App Icon Templates – A comprehensive set of app icon templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Affinity Designer. The templates cover Android, iOS, OS X, Apple TV (tvOS), Apple Watch (watchOS), Windows, Windows Phone and web favicons. Where possible, they’re set up to automate exporting final production assets. All free and open source, released under the BSD license.«
icon  design  sketchApp  adobePhotoshop  adobeIllustrator  template  resource 
january 2016 by flov
bjango/Bjango-Templates · GitHub
»Design templates for Android, iPhone, iOS, OS X, Apple TV (tvOS), Apple Watch (watchOS), Windows, Windows Phone and web favicons.«
icon  design  sketchApp  adobePhotoshop  adobeIllustrator  template  resource 
january 2016 by flov
Master colour in Creative Cloud
Use Color CC to choose and create colour themes – no matter what your intended output – and use them in your CC apps and services.
march 2015 by plasticdreams
Captain Awesome - English - Transform Each 2.0
»Transform Each is a script that gives ability to make individual transformations with a group of layers.«
adobePhotoshop  script  plugin/addon/extension 
february 2014 by flov
Corner Editor | Photoshop Scripts
»This Photoshop script can do everything that the Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer script can, and a lot more! Round the corners of any polygonal shape, Multiple corner styles, Settings are saved to the Layer so they can be modified, Smooth multiple sub-paths in the same layer, Smooth only the selected sub-paths.«
adobePhotoshop  plugin/addon/extension  script 
june 2013 by flov
Captain Awesome - English - TemplateGen Beta (Script)
»If you like me, then you know the problem with templates in Photoshop. Everything that Adobe gave us is document size presets. […] I think, such routine processes should be automated and be done by computer, to save our precious time for actual work. Therefore I decided to write this script.«
adobePhotoshop  script  plugin/addon/extension  template  grid 
may 2013 by flov

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