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14 days ago by meldaresearch
The Skills Gap Part 1: What Competencies will Lawyers Need to Stay Relevant in the Future? | Rainmaking Oasis, LLC
In our efforts to develop a better way to define the range of competencies needed, we came across The Delta Model that was initially developed by a team spearheaded by Dan Linna, a professor at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and was joined by Alyson Carrel and Jesse Bowman (also of Northwestern,) Shellie Reid of Northern Virginia Legal Services and Jordan Galvin of Mayer Brown, Knowledge Management.  After conducting additional research and with added insights from Caitlin Moon of Vanderbilt Law School, Gabriel Teninbaum at Suffolk Law School and Natalie Runyon of Thompson Reutter, the group released its Delta Model 2.0 in March 2019. One of their primary findings was that Personal Effectiveness skills are the most important lawyer competencies. The Delta Model model breaks lawyer competencies into three buckets:
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4 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
UnitedLex Luthor | Above the Law
UnitedLex doesn’t have that same incentive. The client relationship lies with the company itself, not its staff attorneys, and it treats skill sets as ultimately fungible. A young attorney growing their skill set just means that attorney has to be staffed onto different matters, and the company needs to find someone else to handle the simpler tasks. Barring an altruistic motive to do the right thing, the company gains nothing from staff development except some administrative headache.

There’s also the problem that nobody gets rich driving a rideshare. In fact, once less apparent costs like depreciation and repairs are accounted for, many drivers are making less than minimum wage. Some outright lose money. The biggest winners of the Lyft and Uber revolution are Uber and Lyft themselves, and the public that now has access to cheap, fungible, convenient ridesharing. The drivers who generate all that benefit get just a sliver of the pie. I worry about that same dynamic transferring over to the legal market. Everyone in the UnitedLex model seems poised to win big, except the lawyers actually making it all possible.

Whose Story Is It?

It’s easy for me to air these kinds of concerns because if UnitedLex is Lyft, law firms are the traditional cab industry that Uber and Lyft have attacked. UnitedLex is a competitive threat to me, and thousands of Biglaw attorneys across the world.

Yet I don’t think my reaction is entirely based on self-interest. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the mentorship and growth opportunities that the law firm model provided me. Done right, the law firm model becomes about more than making money. It’s about passing down knowledge, skills, and an ethic to a new generation, helping people bootstrap themselves into a successful career. I struggle to see UnitedLex or any of its many competitors doing the same. While it may make its clients or shareholders wealthier, it may make our profession poorer.
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7 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Convocation Approves Ryerson’s Integrated Practice Curriculum (IPC) – Slaw
This week, Convocation at the Law Society of Ontario voted to approve the Integrated Practice Curriculum (IRC) for Ryerson’s new law school. This will make Ryerson the second school in Ontario, following Lakehead University in 2014, to adopt this model.

Approval of the proposed curriculum, which is available online, is based on the 2014 list found in the Integrated Law Practice Program for Law Schools document, which reviews exposure to specific skills and tasks, and demonstration and assessments. What this approval means is that graduates of the new law school, which are expected in 2023, will not have to complete articling in order to obtain licensing.
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7 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Admission Services
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11 weeks ago by meldaresearch
Admission Services
Admission services are offered to students who are seeking placement to various universities or colleges across the world. Admission letters or essays are documents presented to the admission panel of that particular college as an introductory note.
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march 2019 by meldaresearch
Professional Admission Services
Admission services are an essential provision that guarantee a student entry into virtually any college as long as the rest of the requirements are in place.
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march 2019 by meldaresearch
lachie83/internallb-webhook-admission-controller: Kubernetes Internal LoadBalancer Admission Webhook
Kubernetes Internal LoadBalancer Admission Webhook - lachie83/internallb-webhook-admission-controller
kubernetes  helm  admission  controller  webhook  webhooks  chart 
march 2019 by pinterb
morvencao/kube-mutating-webhook-tutorial: A Kubernetes mutating webhook server that implements sidecar injection
A Kubernetes mutating webhook server that implements sidecar injection - morvencao/kube-mutating-webhook-tutorial
kubernetes  mutating  admission  webhook  example  examples 
march 2019 by pinterb
The Next Recession Could Cost 10,000 Lawyers Their Jobs | The American Lawyer
As a looming recession approaches, a look at history, plus some judgment, can tell us a lot about how organizations will manage their lawyer numbers once it arrives. It’s a clear, disturbing and instructive tale.
Let’s start with some history. In studying the trends in U.S. lawyer head count over the last 20 years, both in-house and at major law firms, one thing jumps out: the stark difference before and after the 2008 recession. Before 2008, all segments were growing; after 2008, in-house lawyer growth accelerated while growth in law firms ground to a halt.

Why the change? A different purchasing environment has held sway at client organizations since the recession. There’s been a rejection of ever-increasing hourly rates for the commodity offerings from much of Big Law. We’ve witnessed the rise of the ambidextrous general counsel, taking work away from overpriced firms with one hand while using the other to execute it in-house or move it to lower-cost firms and nontraditional providers.
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march 2019 by JordanFurlong
teq0/opa-k8s-admission: OPA rules and test framework for a k8s mutating admission controller
OPA rules and test framework for a k8s mutating admission controller - teq0/opa-k8s-admission
opa  kubernetes  admission  controller  example  examples 
february 2019 by pinterb

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