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A5: and can share & use our FREE Learning Hubs on privacy and security to help b…
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january 2018 by liebermansees
A Principal's Reflections: Opening Minds on Social Networking
A principal shares is reflections on using social media and how we went from being a social media hater to lover.
EduDigest  administrators  socialmedia 
june 2017 by benwildeboer
ISTE | NETS for Teachers 2008
A list of standards for digital age teaching designed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). I tend to be a standards skeptic, but these aren't too shabby. Check the left sidebar for standards for students and administrators as well.
FitchTeachers  technology  techcommittee  administrators 
june 2017 by benwildeboer
The Adminstrators Technology Toolkit By-Steven W. Anderson
Good overview of many social tools that could make a Principal's life easier.
schoolsocialmedia  administrators 
june 2017 by benwildeboer

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