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A user’s guide to advanced TV jargon - Digiday
Good discussion of programmatic TV, addressable TV, connected TV concepts
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december 2018 by pciszewski
IPFS is the Distributed Web
Interesting distributed content addressable document store, built using something like DHT, so you are basically calling out for hashes like a magnet link. As an alternative to Freenet/Zeronet and friends.
distributed  content  addressable  document  store  DHT  hash  address  bitswap  protocol  torrent  Delicious 
january 2017 by asteroza
Doc Searls Weblog · TV Viewers to Madison Avenue: Please quit driving drunk on digital
Speaking as a Dish Network customer—and as a sovereign human being—I don’t want to be an “addressable target” of any advertising—and I already feel betrayed. I don’t care what measurable results “addressable” or “precision” targeting gets for those who practice it. The result that matters is that I’m pissed to know that my provider has sold me out to advertisers putting crosshairs on me and my family. Same goes for other viewers who get creeped out when they see that an ad on TV is just for them and not for everybody watching the show. It should be obvious by now that people hate being tracked like animals and shot with digital blow-guns by advertisers. The feedback has been loud and clear.
advertising  adtech  targeting  addressable  privacy  anonymity  media  tv  broadcast  consumer  data 
april 2016 by asymmetrical
WO Programmatic TV is a programmatic marketplace that helps local TV stations accelerate revenue and advertising monetization through direct access to an ecosystem of buying partners and their advertising clients who demand local audiences.
programmatic  tv  addressable 
october 2015 by kpieper876
Default Parallels Plesk Page
WideOrbit's technology platform creates media transaction value for TV & radio broadcasters, national TV networks, publishers, and advertisers.
programmatic  tv  addressable 
october 2015 by kpieper876

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