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TBC WoW Addons
Addons for World of Warcraft Burning Crusade 2.4.3
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7 days ago by dicewitch
Pie Menu Editor 1.15.22 - Released Scripts and Themes - Blender Artists Community
" Hello! How can i create Modular operator for bpy.ops.mesh.select_more(); bpy.ops.mesh.select_less() and apply to move mouse Hi, you can assign MoveMouse hotkey to some variable (delta) and use it to decide which operator to execute. Here is an example 25. Don’t forget to enable Confirm on Release option."
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4 weeks ago by brotivore
GitHub - JustOff/ca-archive: Catalog of classic Firefox add-ons created before WebExtensions apocalypse
This catalog contains 93,598 versions of 19,450 Firefox add-ons created by 14,274 developers over the past 15 years using XUL/XPCOM technology before Mozilla decided to ruin the classic extensions ecosystem and go exclusively to WebExtensions.
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8 weeks ago by Marsorbit

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