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Paleo News – Fresh Sardines Or Canned Sardines: No Longer An Option For Americans | The Paleo Diet™
[commented] Compares fresh v. canned sardines from nutrition and health perspectives + Collapse of Pacific populations and USA canning
paleo  food  fish  canned  analysis  review  health  nutrition  comparison  fresh  processing  vitamin  additive  mineral  csrblogcomment  foreign  domestic 
10 weeks ago by csrollyson
Gypsum as an agricultural product | American Society of Agronomy
Power plant flue scrubber artificial gypsum appears to be superior to naturally mined gypsum as a fertilizer/soil additive
artificial  gypsum  soil  additive  agriculture  research 
february 2019 by asteroza
Aeolian Meditation – Ocean Swift Synthesis
Aeolian Meditation is an complex addictive-additive synthesizer playground with a unique a-symmetrical design capable of generating unique and beautiful melodies, meditative and hypnotic drone tones, and movie and musical soundscapes.
synth  vst  vsti  additive  synthesis  harmonic  unique 
august 2018 by rsewan
Now you can 3D print an entire bike frame
The ultimate custom: 3D printing super-strong light composite bike frames #cycling
additive  manufacturing  bicycle  california  3D  printing  composite  frame  green  environment 
july 2018 by csrollyson
3D Printing in Point of Care Manufacturing Survey
Manufacturing is evolving, taking new forms enabled by additive manufacturing/3D printing (AM3DP). For medicine, AM3DP has fueled a rise in point-of-care (POC) manufacturing, improving the patient, and turning doctors into manufacturers.
3dprinting  point  of  care  medical  3d  printing  am3dp  am  additive  manufacturing 
march 2018 by mkqs
Altruism in a volatile world | Nature
The evolution of altruism—costly self-sacrifice in the service of others—has puzzled biologists1 since The Origin of Species. For half a century, attempts to understand altruism have developed around the concept that altruists may help relatives to have extra offspring in order to spread shared genes2. This theory—known as inclusive fitness—is founded on a simple inequality termed Hamilton’s rule2. However, explanations of altruism have typically not considered the stochasticity of natural environments, which will not necessarily favour genotypes that produce the greatest average reproductive success3,4. Moreover, empirical data across many taxa reveal associations between altruism and environmental stochasticity5,6,7,8, a pattern not predicted by standard interpretations of Hamilton’s rule. Here we derive Hamilton’s rule with explicit stochasticity, leading to new predictions about the evolution of altruism. We show that altruists can increase the long-term success of their genotype by reducing the temporal variability in the number of offspring produced by their relatives. Consequently, costly altruism can evolve even if it has a net negative effect on the average reproductive success of related recipients. The selective pressure on volatility-suppressing altruism is proportional to the coefficient of variation in population fitness, and is therefore diminished by its own success. Our results formalize the hitherto elusive link between bet-hedging and altruism4,9,10,11, and reveal missing fitness effects in the evolution of animal societies.
study  bio  evolution  altruism  kinship  stylized-facts  models  intricacy  random  signal-noise  time  order-disorder  org:nat  EGT  cooperate-defect  population-genetics  moments  expectancy  multiplicative  additive 
march 2018 by nhaliday

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