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How tech companies are addressing screen addiction - CNN
From app developers to tech behemoths such as Google and Facebook, companies have spent years working to make consumer technology as addictive as possible. However, that's starting to change, and we could be at the precipice of a shift in how software is designed.
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Video games: the addiction
"a procedural event in which one's moral perception of the (admittedly much sillier) situation is scrambled by myriad other distractions."
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Microsoft Word - name Al-Anon.doc
> Approximately 57 responses were received. Some groups suggested names they were already
calling themselves such as, AA Associates, AA Auxiliary, Non-AA, Triple A, Women's Auxiliary of AA,
Friendship, AA Helpmates, Twelfth Step Auxiliary. The majority, however, favored the AA Family Group
name, which Lois and the Committee changed to "Al-Anon" which is a contraction of the two words.
Alcoholics Anonymous.
This decision came about when AA objected to the use of the letters "AA" in the name of the
national association of non-alcoholics since their Sixth Tradition stated that an AA group ought never lend
the AA name to any related facility or outside enterprise.
The hyphen was included because there are, in many locations in the U.S. and Canada, AA Clubhouses
that call themselves Alanon or Alano. The hyphen also identifies Al-Anon as a distinct organization.
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