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Unbound-adblock -
"Unbound-adblock is an easy to use network adblocker. It allows you to block online advertisements network wide and thus block ads on devices that otherwise don't support traditional browser-based adblockers such as uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus etc. I have found unbound-adblock to boost web browsing speed and increase battery life on mobile devices."
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yesterday by grahams
Writing Adblock Plus filters
The options described in this section should be enough for users who have to create a filter occasionally.
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8 days ago by Marsorbit
Introducing the Amazing/Sensational/Remarkable/Revolutionary; #1 Blocklist :)
I might have overdone the title a little, sorry for that. On with the good stuff; # []( 🍕 Updated...
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12 days ago by mrbill
Chrome extension manifest v3 proposal · Issue #338 · uBlockOrigin/uBlock-issues
In order for Google Chrome to reach its current user base, it had to support content blockers -- these are the top most popular extensions for any browser. Google strategy has been to find the optimal point between the two goals of growing the user base of Google Chrome and preventing content blockers from harming its business.

The blocking ability of the webRequest API caused Google to yield control of content blocking to content blockers. Now that Google Chrome is the dominant browser, it is in a better position to shift the optimal point between the two goals which benefits Google's primary business.

The deprecation of the blocking ability of the webRequest API is to gain back this control, and to further now instrument and report how web pages are filtered since now the exact filters which are applied to web page is information which will be collectable by Google Chrome.
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14 days ago by dentarg

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