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Neste sábado, lute pelo controle remoto da sua TV. , domingo, às 18h
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10 hours ago by ataliba
US spending by device - the winners are into
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yesterday by jhill5
Time to start up our stream! Thanks to Square Enix for sponsoring us! Come check it out!
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3 days ago by richardy
Do you know what your feeding your dog? Your dog is family and that's Why It's Time to Check Your food ---…
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4 days ago by stevechic
New Samsung S9 Video Ad Reveals More Details
We’ve already talked about how important the camera will be on the Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung seems keen to make us remember, and perhaps salivate as MWC (and the official launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+) draws ever closer… In our article (linked above) that predicted the key features of the Galaxy S9, we...

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New  Samsung  S9  Video  Ad  Reveals  More  Details 
5 days ago by vrzone
Lotame Purges Its Data Exchange After Identifying 400 Million User Profiles as Bots
Lotame, one of the world’s largest exchanges for digital third-party data, announced that it has purged 10 percent of its over 4 billion profiles after identifying them as bots or otherwise fraudulent accounts.
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8 days ago by markhgn

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