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Google's DeepMind says its A.I. can spot acute kidney disease 48 hours early - CNBC || AI google dialysis needsEditing Sonu
DeepMind, which Google acquired in 2014, says it's building tools to predict acute kidney injuries before they lead to dialysis, or even death. Read the full story
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Google's  DeepMind  says  its  A.I.  can  spot  acute  kidney  disease  48  hours  early  -  CNBC  ||  AI  google  dialysis  needsEditing  Sonu  from iphone
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Cluster Headache Medication: Neurologics, Other, Ergot Derivatives, Anesthetics, Topical, Analgesics, Topical, Calcium Channel Blockers, Psychiatry Agents, Other, Anticonvulsants, Corticosteroids, Antiemetics and Sedatives, Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory
Dihydroergotamine (D.H.E. 45 injection, Migranal)

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Dihydroergotamine has alpha-adrenergic antagonist and serotonin antagonist effects. It is available in IV or intranasal preparations and tends to cause less arterial vasoconstriction than ergotamine tartrate.
Ergotamine (Ergomar)

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DAPT Study - For Clinicians - General Information
for calculation of anticoagulation (dual therapy) for given situations.
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This Is What Developing Acute Schizophrenia Feels Like | VICE United States
The brain, showing the cerebral cortex. Photo via Wellcome Images A year ago this winter, I began to not recognize myself. Sleep was the first thing to change.… via This Is What Developing Acute Schizophrenia Feels Like | VICE United States
IFTTT  This  Is  What  Developing  Acute  Schizophrenia  Feels  Like  |  VICE  United  States 
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Tinnitus Study - Efficacy and Safety of AM-101 in the Treatment of Acute Peripheral Tinnitus
This clinical trial will investigate the efficacy of the drug AM-101 in the treatment of acute inner ear tinnitus following an acoustic trauma, barotrauma, an operation on the middle ear, a traumatic perforation of the eardrum or an inflammation of the middle ear.
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