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How Democrats & Republicans Think About Politics
chapter 2 from Grossman & Hopkins book, Asymmetric Politics
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2 days ago by reginalawrence
Robert Redford's greatest screen roles – ranked
As the actor and Oscar-winning director reveals his plans for retirement, we rank his 10 best performances in front of the camera
Guardian  movies  actors 
5 days ago by thomas.kochi
'We've jumped from one holocaust to another' - The Globe and Mail

South african actress Leleti Khumalo who starred in the film Yesterday. She portrayed a Zulu woman who contracts HIV. Very good film. Very sensitive acting. I fell in love with the character. She was also in Hotel Rwanda and played the leading role in Sarafina
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10 days ago by jerryking
Inko Programming Language
Concurrent and safe object-oriented programming, without the headaches.
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11 days ago by kballard

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