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Michael B. Jordan Takes On His First Blockbuster Role—as a Villain - WSJ
By Jason Gay
Jan. 17, 2018

Our second cover star, actor Michael B. Jordan—the villain in Marvel’s winter release Black Panther—has been winning over audiences since his breakout role as a teenager in HBO’s The Wire. He followed that performance with acclaimed parts in Friday Night Lights, Fruitvale Station and Creed, imbuing each character with emotional depth. Now with his own production company and an enterprising slate of projects, he’s following the advice of his mentor Peter Berg: “How do you control your own destiny? By creating.”
Michael_B._Jordan  actors  African-Americans  creating_valuable_content  Black_Panther 
4 days ago by jerryking
Who is the best Oscar-winning lead actress of all time?
Joan Fontaine in Hitchcock’s Suspicion ? Ingrid Bergman in George Cukor’s Gaslight? Elizabeth Taylor BUtterfield 8? Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice ( could facetiously be described as the most Oscar-winningest Oscar-winning performance)? Frances McDormand in Fargo? ... for Sophie’s Choice. There is something so commanding in her address to the camera. “Mesmeric” is an awful cliche, and yet that is exactly what Streep is in this film. She is effectively playing a number of different Sophies: the prewar girl, terrified of her reactionary, antisemitic father; the young woman being herded into the camp; the fierce, self-hating survivor whose every ounce of energy is devoted to suppressing the memory of her “choice”; and then the postwar woman of mystery, who finds herself sharing her life with a damaged bully, who loves her in his own way. It is a great performance.
Guardian  awards  actors 
5 days ago by thomas.kochi
Why Latin America is Becoming Less Democratic
Populism, understood as a strategy for winning and exerting state power,5 inher­ently stands in tension with democracy and the value that it places upon pluralism, open debate, and fair competition. Populism revolves around personalistic leadership that feeds on quasi-direct links to a loosely or­ganized mass of heterogenous followers. Bypassing or subjugating in­termediate institutions such as firmly organized parties, the leader-- often a charismatic figure--establishes face-to-face contact with large numbers of citizens. In earlier decades, mass rallies were crucial; nowa­days, television allows populists to reach their followers "in person." Chávez hosted a regular Sunday talk show. The leader in turn ascertains "the people's will" through frequent popular votes and opinion polls. To show vigorous leadership, seem indispensable, and boost followers' loyalty, populist politicians are fond of constantly attacking enemies, at least rhetorically. In this way, the leader blames others for the problems that have allowed the leader to take power and act as the savior of the fa­therland. The leader is the star of a drama in which "the people" struggle heroically under the leader's direction against selfish, corrupt enemies at home and abroad.
political  actors  populism  Trump 
6 days ago by reginalawrence
6 Bollywood couples who are likely to tie the knot in 2018
If you would like to know who is getting married in 2018 then this video is for you. These are many celebrities who worked together and plan to get marry so in 2018 also there are some Bollywood couples who are likely to tie the knot. In this videos, you will see all popular Actors and Actresses who are getting married in 2018.
bollywood  couples  knot  2018  getting  married  actors  actresses 
9 days ago by aniskhan
Stream processing, Event sourcing, Reactive, CEP… and making sense of it all - Confluent
Interesting. Touches on ES, Kafka, relationship to things like Actor Frameworks. Also benefits of append-only: loose coupling, read/write performance, scalability, flexibility (no schema migration need), error scenarios.

"Some databases such as Event Store have oriented themselves specifically at the event sourcing model, and some people have implemented event sourcing on top of relational databases. Those may be viable solutions if you’re operating at fairly small scale.

The systems I have worked with most are Apache Kafka and Apache Samza. They are open source projects that originated at LinkedIn, and now have a big community around them. Kafka is a message broker, like a publish-subscribe message queue, which supports event streams with many millions of messages per second, durably stored on disk and replicated across multiple machines.

Samza is the processing counterpart to Kafka: a framework which lets you write code to consume input streams and produce output streams, and it handles stuff like deploying your code to a cluster and recovering from failures."

"A related idea is doing full-text search on streams, where you register a search query in advance, and then get notified whenever an event matches your query. We’ve done some experimental work with Luwak in this area, but it’s still very new."
EventSourcing  Messaging  DistributedSystems  Kafka  Samza  StreamProcessing  Actors 
11 days ago by colin.jack
For Trump, A Year of Reinventing the Presidency
“Trump is arguing that we need to take care of my enemies. I really can’t think of any precedent.”

"Mr. Trump has cast aside the mythology of a magisterial presidency removed from the people in favor of a reality-show accessibility that strikes a chord in parts of the country alienated by the establishment."
Trump  political  actors 
18 days ago by reginalawrence
Brooklyn Decker startup
Finery startup. Cms for clothes. Good idea interesting to see if they can execute.
actors  startups  technology 
18 days ago by christopherming
Pony - Pony
Pony - High Performance Actor Programming
programming  language  actors 
20 days ago by geetarista

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