sparrowsverse: When I Come Home
REC: Bob gets kicked out of the band, finds out he's a Time Lord, and discovers the reason he was kicked out. A cute little Doctor Who crossover that unfortunately suffers from some rather clunky writing at times. (2011-08-28)
QUOTE: Turning it over, he traced the carving with the pad of his fingertip.
'Open me.'
"FUCK!" Bob cursed as he dropped the watch. It landed on the carpet with a dull thud.
'Please? I'm tired of being in here.'
"What the hell?" Bob muttered as he cautiously poked the fob watch with his toe.
The voice sounded young, not quite a kid, but not quite an adult - an adolescent of some kind.
Bending over, Bob picked up the fob watch. Taking a deep breath, he pressed the clasp, and it popped open.
Frowning, he looked at it, turning it over in his hands. Inside, it had a normal face and hands, but it wasn't working.
'Tick, tick.'
Soft wispy orange light started to escape from the watch. Bob wanted to drop the watch and run, run far away. But he couldn't; it felt like the watch was moulding itself to his hand.
This, this was the change that had him running to go do teching.
Nothing would be the same after this fob watch finished whatever it was doing.
The light poured out faster and faster and started to engulf Bob. It invaded his skin and slinked its way into his nose, mouth and ears.
Bob started to moan as the pain became more apparent. It was nothing like he'd ever felt before. It was more pain than when he hurt his ankle, more than the burn on his leg, more than his wrists.
'Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop!'
Screams ripped from his throat; it felt like he was being rearranged from the inside out, and his head burned as though it were on fire. He welcomed the blackness that started to creep in around the edges of his eyes. It meant the pain was about to end.
'Thank you.'
Were the last words that Bob registered before he finally passed out, the watch clasped firmly in his hand as he fell face first into the carpet, unconscious. (18,930 words)
author:sparrowsverse  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Doctor.Who  activity:adoption  activity:gun.fights  activity:performing  activity:rescue  activity:transformation.animate  beings:aliens  concept:char.death.minor  concept:possession  concept:quest  concept:violence  condition:illness  occupation:time.lord  things:Tardis  things:tentacles  things:wings  relationship:friendship  setting:alien.planet  setting:desert  time:the.hiatus  geography:US:Chicago  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Bob  pov:Brian  challenge:2011.BBB  posted:2011-08  recced:2011-08  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.10k-20k  smut:sex.drugs  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:crossover 
august 2011 by turlough
brooklinegirl: Raspberry Swirl
REC: The one where *everyone* is turned into a girl and Gerard and Frank have a lot of sex. This story was sweet and funny and adorable. I really liked this Gerard, always overthinking everything, and this Frank was so wonderfully direct and shameless. (2010-05-02)
QUOTE: They'd all had a few hours to get used to it, and even Frank had dragged himself into the lounge area of the bunk a few minutes earlier. He looked weirdly like himself, his hair all over the place, his cheek still showing the marks of where it had been pressed against the pillow. He was wearing the same t-shirt and boxers he'd slept in, loose and worn, and if it wasn't for the fact that his breasts were pushing forward against the thin material of the t-shirt, his nipples hard and obvious, you'd barely know the difference.
Frank had a kind of girly face all along, too, Gerard thought. It was something about pretty guys that made the change more subtle.
"Coffee?" Frank asked sleepily when he dragged his way into the lounge. "I've already jerked off - or, I don't know, stroked off, whatever - three times, you guys. This is kind of awesome."
"What?" Frank said, curling up in the corner of the couch as they all gave him various *looks*. He looked both tired and satisfied. "You guys *haven't*?"
"Well," Gerard looked around at the room. Bob and Ray were avoiding eye contact. "Not *yet*."
Frank nodded. "You gotta try it," he said. "It's *awesome*."
The coffee was nearly done and Gerard started pouring himself a cup when Mikey came out of the back, having taken a shower and gotten cleaned up. "Jesus Christ," Gerard said, staring until he over-filled his mug and burned his hand. He jerked his hand away, shoving his burned fingers into his mouth. "Mikey." (16,550 words)
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author:brooklinegirl  fandom:Bandom  concept:genderfuck  relationship:friendship  setting:on.tour  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Gerard  posted:2010-03  recced:2010-05  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.10k-20k  fic:category:femslash  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Ray(secondary) 
may 2010 by turlough
coffeewordangel: Transformed (Crack!verse 5)
REC: The fifth Crack!verse story, Ray is turned into a girl. Very sweet. (2008-10-12)
QUOTE: "Hey, Ray?" he called softly. "Are you okay?" There was some rustling and a muffled "No." Bob drew the curtain back and stared at the lump of blankets that probably sheltered Ray. "Are you sick?" A shake of covers. Okay, that *might* mean no. "C'mon, man, what's wrong?" Ray slowly pulled the covers down and Bob had to bite back a gasp. It was like someone had altered Ray's frame, redistributed his weight and softened him around the edges. His cheekbones were a little more defined, his jaw line softer, his shoulders narrower and yeah, those were definitely breasts. "Are you... all girl?" Bob asked, still a little stunned. Ray glared at him. (1,900 words)
author:coffeewordangel  fandom:Bandom  universe:Crack.verse  concept:genderfuck  setting:on.tour  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(secondary)  pairing:Bob/Ray(primary)  pov:Bob  posted:2006-11  recced:2008-10  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff 
october 2008 by turlough
cimorene: Wake Up and Notice
REC: The one where everyone except Frank turns into a girl. I've always thought that if the guys got turned into girls this is probably the way they would behave. And this Gerard is so fabulously weird and wonderful and dorky. (2007-11-11)
QUOTE: "Well, I was just sitting there eating breakfast, actually, cause I kind of thought I was still dreaming or something or, I don't know, it was a side effect of the medication? But then Ray and Bob came in the kitchen and they were pretty freaked... oh, yeah. Frank's the only one who's still a guy... Ray keeps showing us his tits, but there hasn't been any hot girl-on-girl action... oh, um, I didn't think of that," he said, stuttering suddenly.
He went quiet for a little while so Gerard finished his coffee and went looking for cereal and had completely tuned Mikey out by the time he got up and ambled past Gerard, pausing in the door to shove his phone into the side of Gerard's head hard enough to crush his ear. "Hi?"
"Gerard! Long time no see," said Alicia.
"You have no idea," said Gerard, glancing down at his boobs, which made the view of his Day of the Dead shirt somewhat different from normal.
Alicia laughed and got right down to business. "So tell me in your own words what's been going on in that mental asylum you call a tourbus for the past four days?"
"Well, we pretty much woke up on Monday and all of us were girls... except Frank. And um, we canceled a couple of shows... we didn't really want to, but we couldn't really play like this. Actually, Mikey and I look a lot the same, but Ray... yeah... he's really different. He's got really big tits," Gerard explained. "So we've kinda been... "
"Waiting for it to go away on its own?" Alicia suggested in a deceptively ordinary conversational tone. Gerard could tell she was laughing on the inside.
"Well, it's not like we were going to call 911," Gerard said defensively. "I mean, what do we need, an exorcism? I mean, actually that might be what we need, for all I know, but I don't really want to go ask a priest about it... no, we've mostly just been playing videogames and eating pizzas. We tried to write some music but the lyrics weren't really working out. Oh, we did have a zombie marathon, though."
"Right," said Alicia. "So, listen, I'm coming out there. There'd better be a hotel room and a shower for me when I get there. And I don't want to smell any of you." (21,100 words)
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author:cimorene  fandom:Bandom  activity:shopping  activity:laundry  concept:genderfuck  relationship:friendship  smut:handjob  smut:blowjob  smut:frottage  smut:fucking  setting:on.tour  setting:mall  setting:laundromat  tour:2006-2007.Black.Parade  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:MIkey/Alicia(secondary)  pov:Gerard  posted:2007-08  recced:2007-11  !meta:rec:fic  +length:long.20k-50k  fic:category:femslash  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
august 2008 by turlough

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