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The Government Is Targeting Immigration Lawyers, Activists, and Reporters | Boston Review
The Government Is Targeting Immigration Lawyers, Activists, and Reporters from Boston Review. A leaked Department of Homeland Security database confirms what many suspected: the U.S. government is trying to punish and intimidate people advocating for immigrant rights.  databases  panopticon  government.spying  government.surveillance  journalism  government  immigration  blacklists  activists  lawyers  intimidation.tactics  important 
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RT : 📽️"They called us Soros people" story. Learn how can recover from sudden & unwarranted att…
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Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson’s advice for men who don’t get feminism — Quartz at Work
In an exclusive Quartz interview, Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson explores how men misinterpret feminism, and subsequently hinder their own liberation.
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Italian priest and pioneer in anti-pedophilia fight optimistic about Italian Church
An Italian priest on the front lines of the fight against sexual abuse, and a member of a commission that shortly will be producing the Italian bishops’ new guidelines for safeguarding children, said he’s optimistic about the handling of abuse cases on the peninsula.The guidelines “will address formation, information and prevention, as well as everything necessary to ensure that the Church becomes a safe haven of care capable of handling these issues,” said Father Fortunato Di Noto, an internationally renowned figure respected for his work in the fight against pedophilia.Italy, the priest added, “is not at ground zero” when it comes to this issue, and the 2014 guidelines already paved the way for further progress.Di Noto’s opinion on the handling of sexual abuse, especially in the Italian context, comes from over 30 years of experience in fighting human trafficking and sexual abuse, within and outside of the Church.He started surfing the internet in 1989, and while studying at the Gregorian University in Rome, first came across the reality of pedo-pornographic content during a conference raising awareness. From that moment, he began using his keen understanding of the internet to track down victims and perpetrators.While many police departments in Italy and the world did not even have a computer, Di Noto was getting information about pedophilia on the web and sending it via fax to authorities all over the world.He started his non-profit organization, Meter, in his parish in 1995, with a few concerned faithful. In the past 12 years they have proved essential in over 23 national and international police investigations, led to over 300 arrests and signaled concerns regarding more than 23,000 religious and lay people accused of abusing minors
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