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Pick a Hill Worth Dying On, America
Affirm life, speak truth, defend the vulnerable, call out injustices—and gladly brave the criticisms and the wounds you sustain in doing it, knowing that they are a small price to pay for the nation that could be if you speak—or will be if you do not.
politics  culture  fascism  activism 
6 hours ago by ahall
Is It Wrong To Shame Shamers? | Dances With Fat
“I want to oppress you” and “I don’t want to be oppressed” are not two reasonable sides of the same coin.
+ Karl Popper "paradox of tolerance" quote.
quotes  activism  justice 
21 hours ago by UnchartedWorlds
Forensic Architecture
Our evidence is presented in political and legal forums, truth commissions, courts, and human rights reports.

We also undertake historical and theoretical examinations of the history and present status of forensic practices in articulating notions of public truth.
art  architecture  social-practice  activism 
3 days ago by crankin
Games For Change |
Empowering game creators and social innovators to drive real-world impact through games
activism  games  social-practice 
3 days ago by crankin
The Administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel Keeps Monitoring Protesters — ProPublica
Chicago police and City Hall tracked anti-Trump demonstrators — and now state legislators want to let them use drones.
chicago  activism  protest  police  surveillance 
4 days ago by msszczep
"RESIST! is a free print publication of political comics and graphics where our slogan, "Women's voices will be heard," can come true. It was started after the November 2016 election."
journal  comics  images  media  community  USA  activism  politics 
4 days ago by kmo

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