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Guilt and the Left | Salvage
This is not, in itself, a panacea. The intransigence of power relations on the left, particularly the prevalence of bullish white men in activist circles, is testament to the continuing need for a feminist and racially conscious politics. A true universality must engage more seriously with forms of oppression than Labour is currently able to do. This will sometimes entail saying things that make working-class people uncomfortable, and that challenge the existing class cultures. However, it is the beginning rather than the end of a process, and the radicalising effect might act as a solvent on the parochialised, fragmented affinity-groups of the Left.
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Last Week at Wellesley | Alice Domurat Dreger
1. Think about the outcome you are trying to achieve. If it is vague, you’re not really trying to do anything important. It needs to be specific, something you can measure progress toward. (I did not say, but I believe, that if the outcome desired is some vague thing, you are engaged not in activism but a kind of psychosocial masturbation. Just leave me out of it.)

2. Spend time in nonpartisan activities. Do work that is just plain descriptive and not normative. Doing such work allows you to see more clearly, and it allows you to see what your supposed opponent probably thinks and believes, moving you away from creating caricatures of them, towards understanding them and being able to talk with them. Nonpartisan work makes you think anew about what counts as a fact.

3. Pay attention to relationships by sitting down and breaking bread with the people you are trying to change. Change doesn’t happen via protests and slogans and blogs. It happens over coffee and beer with “the enemy.”

4. Think about the tools you are using to do your work. If the tools can be misused by others, be aware you are building tools that very well might be misused by others. Don’t promote an arms race.
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Transition Network | Transition Towns | The Circular Economy
Transition Network encourage communities to come together and rebuild our world. Step up and address the big challenges we face by starting local.
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