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Jernau Morat Gurgeh
“THREAD 1/ For all of those in the #resistance who attack @louisemensch @truefactsstated @20committee @stuxnetsource etc...”
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yesterday by jellis
Punk Paradox: The Improbable Legacy of Fucked Up | Pitchfork
What’s not so visible to fans outside Toronto is that Fucked Up are not simply a band—they’re more like a community cooperative, events-production team, charity organization, and mentorship program all rolled into one. The more their profile abroad has risen, the more committed they’ve become to improving the quality of life in their hometown, by reinvesting their rewards back into the city’s cultural stream. While most bands strive to leave behind a musical legacy, Fucked Up are just as busy building a social one.
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yesterday by StJohnBosco
How to get power |
Here’s my simple definition of power — it’s the capacity to ensure that others do as you would want them to do. Civic power is that capacity exercised by citizens in public, whether in elections or government or in social and economic arenas. Power in civic life takes many forms: force, wealth, state action, ideas, social norms, numbers. And it flows through many conduits: institutions, organizations, networks, laws and rules, narratives and ideologies. Map these forms and conduits against each other, and you get what we think of as “the power structure.”
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2 days ago by stereogab
David Graeber: The New Anarchists. New Left Review 13, January-February 2002.
In the late nineteenth century most people honestly believed that war between industrialized powers was becoming obsolete; colonial adventures were a constant, but a war between France and England, on French or English soil, seemed as unthinkable as it would today. By 1900, even the use of passports was consid
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3 days ago by simonv3
Digital Security Exchange
"The DSX (Digital Security Exchange) identifies and connects organizations that need digital security assistance and digital security trainers and capacity builders (“providers”) who can offer their expertise."
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5 days ago by jkriss

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