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We Are Not the Resistance
The disorienting nature of Trump’s presidency has already managed to obscure what should be an obvious fact: Viewed from the broad sweep of history, Donald Trump is the resistance. We are not.

Those of us who are committed to the radical evolution of American democracy are not merely resisting an unwanted reality. To the contrary, the struggle for human freedom and dignity extends back centuries and is likely to continue for generations to come. In the words of Vincent Harding, one of the great yet lesser-known heroes of the black freedom struggle, the long, continuous yearning and reaching toward freedom flows throughout history “like a river, sometimes powerful, tumultuous, and roiling with life; at other times meandering and turgid, covered with the ice and snow of seemingly endless winters, all too often streaked and running with blood.”

Harding was speaking about black movements for liberation in America, but the metaphor applies equally well to the global struggle for human dignity and freedom.
by:  MichelleAlexander  from:TheNewYorkTimes  politics  dissent  activism  geo:UnitedStates  DonaldTrump 
2 days ago by owenblacker
Serverless Apps for Social Good: Help the world by building open source serverless apps
Help the world by building open source serverless apps for the AWS Serverless Application Repository. The Serverless Application Repository is teaming up with nonprofits who have dedicated themselves to ending human trafficking. These nonprofits utilize a variety of technologies to help analyze and transform data and to identify, monitor and locate children and traffickers.
aws  amazon  socialsoftware  activism  devpost  cloud 
4 days ago by cyberchucktx
How do we frame our way out of this mess? | PIRC
We spoke to over 200 campaigners and reviewed 10 years of research on framing. Here are the five key lessons we learned...
talk  activism  communications  frames  worlding 
4 days ago by thejaymo
Ten Years in the Trenches: TV on the Radio Return to Dear Science | Pitchfork
“Pushing joy is as important and as political as laying bare the lies of power,” Malone says. “None of it really means a thing if you can’t dance to it.”
music  indie  rock  activism  2008  nyc 
5 days ago by allaboutgeorge
Massachusetts police tweet lets slip scale of leftwing surveillance | US news | The Guardian
Tom Arabia, a co-founder of Combat, said: “No one can deny the Massachusetts state police are surveilling leftwing organizations.”

He added that the image on the state police tweet “was both unsurprising and also a bit scary, because of how intimate it is in a sense to see your own organization listed in a police browser’s bookmarks”.
boston  police  surveillance  infiltration  activism 
8 days ago by jomc
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Josh Blaine was live — with Melanie DeMore and Theresa Martin in Oakland, California.
about a year ago ·
Finding Our Voice with Oakland Vocal Activist Melanie De
Melanie_DeMore  vocal  activism  singing 
8 days ago by Quercki

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