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3 ActiveRecord Mistakes That Slow Down Rails Apps: Count, Where and Present
Many Rails developers don't understand what causes ActiveRecord to actually execute a SQL query. Let's look at three common cases: misuse of the count method...
yesterday by aghecht
3 ActiveRecord Mistakes That Slow Down Rails Apps: Count, Where and Present
"any?, none? and empty? should probably be replaced with present? or blank? unless you will only take a section of the ActiveRecord::Relation using first or last."
rails  activerecord  performance 
yesterday by junya
Making sense of ActiveRecord joins, includes, preload, and eager_load
If you are just filtering results - *not accessing records from a relationship* - joins is your goto.
rails  activerecord 
11 days ago by chuchuva
Building SQL expressions with Sequel
I’ve recently started working on a new project which uses Sequel, and it reminded me how much I love it. For those who don’t know, Sequel is a superb alternative to Active Record. I wrote a gentle introduction to Sequel a while back.

One of the prettiest parts of Sequel for me is the API for building SQL expressions, so in this article I would like to talk more about that. But before we start with Sequel, I first want to talk a little bit about Active Record.
Database  ORMframeworks  ActiveRecord  Sequel 
18 days ago by cnk

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