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nektos/act: Run your GitHub Actions locally
Run your GitHub Actions locally. Contribute to nektos/act development by creating an account on GitHub.
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25 days ago by geetarista
An open source parser for GitHub Actions - The GitHub Blog
GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is platform for automating software development workflows, from idea to production. Developers add a simple text file to their repository, .github/main.workflow, to describe automation. The workflow file describes how events like pushing code or opening and closing issues map to automation actions, implemented in any Docker container. Those automation actions have whatever powers you grant them: pushing commits to the repository, cutting a new release, building it through continuous integration, deploying it to staging in the cloud, testing the deployment, flipping it to production, and announcing it to the world — and any others you can build.

Every workflow begins with an event and runs through a set of actions to reach some target or goal. Those events and actions are described in a main.workflow file, which you can create and edit with the visual editor or any text editor you like. Here is a simple example:
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7 weeks ago by euler

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