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Curry's Christmas Ads with Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum steps into holiday family scenes and teaches them how to act authentically so they don't hurt each other's feelings.

also this one:
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14 days ago by oliverdonovan
Download Whoopi Goldberg: First Black Actress To Receive Two Acting Nominations Overall;… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Whoopi Goldberg: First black actress to receive two acting nominations overall;… Whoopi Goldberg: First black actress to receive two acting nominations overall; Second Black Actress to win Best Supporting Actress. Whoopi Goldberg: First black actress to receive two acting nominations overall;…
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What is the Alexander Technique?
Clear, concise definitions and descriptions of the Alexander Technique and information about ways in which it can be used.
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16 days ago by catichenor
Download The Great Actress Gladys Cooper (1888 1971) Her Acting Career Spanned 70 Years … HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
The great actress Gladys Cooper (1888-1971) Her acting career spanned 70 years … The great actress Gladys Cooper (1888-1971) Her acting career spanned 70 years on stage, movies & television. In 1967, at the age of 79, she was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE). Her last major success […]
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24 days ago by wotek
Download Free Female Monologues For One Actress (short And Long 1 Actor Scripts) #acting … HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Free Female Monologues for One Actress (short and long 1 actor scripts) #acting … Free Female Monologues for One Actress (short and long 1 actor scripts) #acting for auditions, stage, performance, workshop Free Female Monologues for One Actress (short and long 1 actor scripts) #acting …
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Download Acting Tips : How To Be Noticed As An Actress… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Acting Strategies : How to Be Discovered as an Actress… Acting Strategies : How to Be Discovered as an Actress Acting Strategies : How to Be Discovered as an Actress…
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Download Acting Is My Passion, And If I Could, I Would Try To Make It Big As A Disney Act… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Acting is my enthusiasm, and if i could, i would test to make it significant as a Disney act… Acting is my enthusiasm, and if i could, i would test to make it significant as a Disney actress or make it significant in singing Acting is my enthusiasm, and if i could, i would test […]
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The Rock Cover Story - Dwayne Johnson Interview
I came to Hollywood wanting a career that had longevity, and I wasn't afraid to take risks because I had a dollar in the bank. I wasn't driven by money as much as I was driven by making a successful transition. And I was smart enough to know that I certainly didn't have all the answers and I needed to surround myself with smart people and be willing to take risks and be willing to fail.


Wrestling is intimate. You can reach out and touch the wrestlers. I don't get that connection in movies, but the impact is so much greater. You're able to craft a longer career in movie


Did you feel self-doubt as you were building your career as an actor?

When I first came into acting, I had great opportunities to make a decent movie. I had a run there in 2005, '06, '07—for a long time it was "Oh, he's the best thing in the movie that's not that good." I started questioning: Did I make the right choice? Should I have stayed in wrestling a bit longer? And then budgets became lower and lower and the pay kinda stayed the same and there wasn't a lot of growth.


You also got smaller. Literally.

The big stars didn't look like me—and I didn't look like them. There wasn't a blueprint or a model. Well, here's a former football player who once wrestled and he's this height and this weight. He's black and Samoan and he has tattoos... And then it was slim down, stop working out as much, get distance from wrestling and the moniker of the Rock. There were a lot of changes—the people around me at that time felt like it was the best thing to do, but by the way, I bought into it. I embraced it. Well, like anything, when you start being someone else, not being yourself, you may get lucky and it may work for a little while, but it's gonna come back and bite you in the ass eventually. So there was a big moment of clarity in about 2010—I just felt, Yeah, this isn't working. I need to stop, readjust, reassess, and change everything around me—and I gotta take one more shot, but at least
I'm gonna take a shot with me being myself.


Have you ever gone wrong trusting your gut, trusting your instincts?

I've never gone wrong trusting my gut. It was really the only thing that I had going into acting. I didn't have the background—Juilliard or performing-arts school or anything like that. You can get great people around you, smart minds and great resources, but it's still from here [points to heart]. Steven Spielberg has this great quote: "Moviemaking is always about noise. There's so many voices that you've gotta listen to. But you've always got to pay attention to the one voice that's in your gut that always tells you it's still not good enough."

That voice can do a lot of damage.

There was a time in my life when opportunities were so few and far between they were like little cracks in the wall, and if one opportunity came my way, I would scratch and claw and bite and I would do anything I could to make sure that I grabbed that opportunity by the throat and I did not let it go. They're a bit more frequent these days, I have more coming my way, but I still look at it like it's a crack, and I attack it. I'm a long way away from ever getting evicted again, but man, I think about that so much. That's where my "we've got to make sure this happens" and "let's go" type of energy comes from.


Were you taken seriously when you started transitioning into being an actor? Did people think of you as a lunkhead?

When I sit in these big meetings with the head of marketing, head of distribution, looking at the big boards to figure out how we're gonna deliver the movie and where we're gonna go, where we're strong, where we need to see some uptick—there's not much of an issue that can come across my desk where I really go, "Wow, I don't know how to handle that!" It's like, I've been through all this
other shit before. I never quite understood why if you're successful in something, and then you want to make the transition to Hollywood, why wouldn't you apply the same discipline and processes
that you did with wrestling and football? Which meant: surround myself with great acting coaches; definitely get a good director; I need great actors around me to help me raise my game; I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I need great acting coaches, I need good directors, I need help. I have been told I have potential. I think I do. Let's give it a go. And that allows more people to say, "Okay, let's give it a shot." Compared to: I think I'm gonna be great. I'm gonna make 30, 40 movies.


And one of the things that he told me was: "Keep your fucking mouth shut when you come in. If you're gonna be good in this business, then learn how to keep your mouth shut and your ears open, and when you get in the locker room, you just listen to everybody else." And it was great advice. You can apply it wherever you go.

Hollywood, for instance.

These young bucks come in and think they know everything when they really don't know shit. The best thing you can do is be quiet and open your ears. Let everybody else talk.
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4 weeks ago by lwhlihu
Super Rude Pizza Shop Prank – Ownage Pranks | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Tremendous Rude Pizza Store Prank – Ownage Pranks I referred to as an really impolite pizza restaurant as Rakesh and Abdo. The supervisor gets really pissed off and reacts hilariously, so I experienced to connect with again a bunch of instances ) You should not ignore to share the laughs with your close friends and […]
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Breakout: Jon Hamm | GQ
We swing by the headquarters of the William Morris Agency—a Death Star of a building, with its black, mirrored facade and interlocking WM logo that looks more like a sinister XXXX. This is where Hamm first found representation, the entire television department crowding into one tiny office to watch him audition. "They took me on because they saw a guy who could work," Hamm says. "And then I didn't. For three years."

He means this literally. For three years, Hamm did not score a single acting job. Which is not to say that delayed success didn't have its blessings. "If I were 21 and doing this, we'd be having a very different conversation," he says. "I see actors in this town who make it big young. They don't understand the word no: ‘What do you mean I can't kill this elephant, drop it on a car, set it on fire, and then snort it' Well, you just can't."

Still, while nobody's pretending it's coal mining, auditioning without success is a singularly shitty way to attempt to make a living. As if on cue, Hamm recognizes a bearded man exiting his car on the sidewalk, across Beverly Boulevard. It's an actor who recently shot a guest part on Mad Men. "I'll bet you anything he's on an audition," Hamm says. "See He's juicing the meter. Listening to his lines on his iPod." I can almost see him suppress a shudder before the light turns green.

Meanwhile, the casting ice dam was showing signs of cracking. He scored a nineteenepisode gig on the TV show Providence. That led to a host of roles on more programs with interchangeable titles taken from place names and bureaucratic departments: _Point Pleasant, The Division, The Unit, _and so on. He landed a role in Mel Gibson's Vietnamera ego vehicle We Were Soldiers, which consisted primarily of gazing at Gibson in rapt admiration.

By now, Hamm was a veteran. So he knew that pinning one's hope on any one role is strictly a sucker's move. The lead in Mad Men was an even longer shot than most; AMC had never produced an original scripted drama series. It wasn't likely to take a chance by handing the lead to an unknown utility man. Nevertheless, somewhere in the midst of the sevenaudition process, he found himself sitting in a New York bar with a friend and saying aloud, for the first time, "I really want this part."

"You dive in the water and you think, Shit. It's cold. It's too far. I'll never make it," he remembers. "But then you take a deep breath. You get a little groove going. You concentrate on the next buoy, then the next one, then the next one. You start to enjoy the swim. And then, all of a sudden, it's like, ‘Sweet. I'm here.' "
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6 weeks ago by lwhlihu
Mad Men Q&A: Jon Hamm | Vanity Fair
What was the day job?

Waiting tables. I mean, I've probably been a waiter longer than I've really been anything else. Or I'm probably coming up on even. But barely. I quit waiting tables when I was 29. [He’s currently 38.]

Tell me about getting cast on Mad Men.

I had a horrible pilot season that year and one of the last ones to come down the pike was Mad Men. I looked at it and I was like, AMC? They don't even make television shows—what is this going to be? But the script was really interesting, and we did it. And as I've said many, many times before, I was on the bottom of everybody's list. Like, I started at the very bottom. But to Matt Weiner’s great credit, he was very tenacious in fighting for me.
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6 weeks ago by lwhlihu

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