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The MISSION Act strengthens VA’s ability to deliver trusted, easy to access, high quality care at VA facilities, virtually through telehealth, and in your community. That means Veterans get the care and services they need, where and when they need them.
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Protestors 'pelted with eggs' as they put up 'love is the answer' signs at Anderton Park Primary School - Birmingham Live
ESPECIALLY THE MEN shouting "We will not back down!"
Officers took statements from those still present when they arrived and told the group they will view videos and CCTV to try to identify any culprits responsible for the assaults. [...] Protest co-ordinator Shakeel Afsar, who says he's been elected as parents' spokesman but does not have children at the school, laid the blame for the incident with the LGBT group.

&! A head teacher at a primary school giving lessons on LGBT equality has received threatening emails and phone calls. Police are investigating messages sent to Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson at Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham. [...] The protests' leader says [ sex ed ] amounts to "social engineering".

&! - Anti-LGBT protesters clash with Labour MP
'damage to the muslim community'

&! - Birmingham LGBT row: The view from the school gates
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