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how to create a customer acquisition plan for startups
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september 2015 by pdurlej
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how we hacked and upgraded our startup beta signup process
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march 2015 by pdurlej
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trends in the startup acquihire market
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march 2015 by pdurlej
Apple gains real-time access to Twitter data with Topsy acqusition
Apple has acquired social media analytics firm Topsy for at least $200 million, signaling that Apple sees a big future in big data in the social sphere. Apple has always been a hardware-oriented company, although this focus has been done with tight integration with software. But while this tight integration has been at the core [...]

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Apple  gains  real-time  access  to  Twitter  data  with  Topsy  acqusition 
december 2013 by vrzone
user acquisition: cycle time matters
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september 2012 by pdurlej

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