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The Berkshire Hathaway of The Internet – Medium
Our process? Simple. We focused on three key things:
Do we trust them?
Dan and Rich have a sterling reputation in the design community, and we have tons of mutual friends. We knew that if they made a statement about the business, we could rely on it.
Are the numbers roughly right?
Instead of spending months digging into accounting minutiae, we focused on the macro picture. We looked at bank statements and credit card transactions to quickly verify that the business was doing roughly the revenue and profit stated in their financials. It was, even if it there were a couple inaccuracies here and there. The important thing was that the business was performing roughly as they said it was.
Are there any big risks?
Had they signed any crazy contracts? Did they owe anybody money? Had anyone incubated an illegal cock-fighting ring within the company? (No. No. And no.)
Can we explain the business and investment case on a napkin?
Is this a no brainer? Can we see our money back in a reasonable amount of time? Is this a simple business? Can we grow it? The answer to all of the above was a resounding yes.
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3 days ago by hellsten
Exponential growth devours and corrupts
As Douglas Rushkoff says, we need a new operating system for startups. The current one will keep producing the same extractive and monopolistic empires we’ve gotten so far. No, what we need is a new crop of companies that are institutionally comfortable with leaving money on the table. Leaving growth on the table. Leaving some conveniences and some progress on the board, in order to lead the world into a better direction.
The solution isn’t simple, but we’re in dire need of a strong counter culture, some mass infusion of the 1960s spirit. To offer realistic, ethical alternatives to the exponential growth logic. Ones that’ll benefit not just a gilded few, but all of us. The future literally depends on it.
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15 days ago by imaginaryfriend
Hachette UK acquires Bookouture | The Bookseller
Bookouture sells a high volume of e-books - 9m since it launched - for low prices, for example Robert Bryndza’s thriller The Girl in the Ice, which has sold more than 1 million copies in less than a year, is selling on Amazon for 99p in digital. This pricing strategy sharply contrasts with Hachette’s, which operates the full agency agreement model for e-books with higher prices. Hachette also offers authors a 25% royalty rate for e-books, while Bookouture offers 45% ro
HachetteUK  bookouture  acquisition  pricing 
16 days ago by sentinelle
靠「小鸡鸡」,1 块钱 1 个精准用户,2 天涨粉 1 万人,运营妖孽就要这么玩!
一篇通过身边日常商业机会,洞察到线上推广策略,并以超强执行力完成低成本推广运营的案例复盘。或许多少带有粉饰,但权当思路启发,food for thought。
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16 days ago by xdash
Funnel Hacking: More Crucial than Growth Hacking
硅谷这帮创业/创投圈的小咖为了自我 PR 喜欢生造新词,我们暂不去纠结所谓「Funnel Hacking」与「Growth Hacking」究竟是什么关系,单论本文价值在于为获客环节引入了较为体系的思辩方法和 playbook: ªª,帮助我们更为体系地研讨如何去获取新客户。ºº
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23 days ago by xdash
Oracle crushes Apiary's hope in slightly awkward email to customers • The Register
In a 22 February email to customers, seen by The Reg, Apiary's founder and chief executive Jakub Nesetril and senior vice president of integration cloud Amit Zavery stressed the value of their customers and the benefits of their product plans with mighty Oracle behind it.

"Apiary's success is owned by our customers, and my top priority is to ensure a seamless experience for you," they wrote.

"Joining Oracle gives us the potential to significantly boost the value Apiary delivers by accelerating our product development roadmap and expanding the resources available to our customers."

Oracle, however, quickly squashed the charm offensive.

In a bluntly worded addendum to their piece, Oracle pulled no punches saying it is reviewing Apiary's roadmap and that they ultimately call the shots.

Oracle also told customers to ignore Nesetril and Zavery.

"All product roadmap information, whether communicated by Apiary or by Oracle, does not represent a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions," Oracle wrote.

Oracle is reviewing the Apiary roadmap and will provide guidance "in accordance with Oracle's standard product communication policies".

"Any resulting features and timing of release of such features as determined by Oracle's review of Apiary's product roadmap are at the sole discretion of Oracle."

Oracle announced its plans to buy enterprise API specialist Apiary, founded in 2011, in January.
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28 days ago by earth2marsh

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