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Ask Polly: I Don't Like My Friends Anymore - The Awl
this doesn't so much apply to me but I like reading Ask Polly, & am making a note b/c of Heather's opening paragraph:

"Wow, I'm not surprised you have such a good relationship with God. You guys have so much in common! You both give and give and give and give and do things you don't feel like doing for centuries on end. Since you haven't spoken up since the days of Moses, people step on your toes and take your name in vain and desecrate your likeness and you put up with it. Until one day, when there's a tsunami or an earthquake or a landslide and then? Everybody finds out you were mad at them that whole time! Who the fuck knew?"
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december 2013 by cluebucket
feel free to reach out, anytime.
BY donnakiran"

Tumblr blog from a girl I knew of but never talked to who was year above me in Dub-Dub-P
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july 2012 by skinnymuch

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